May 10, 2016
by jessica

Mom Life: Our Favorite Things {6+ mos}

Raindrops on roses…

Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it. Or audibly singing it. With a British accent. (Bc it’s how Julie Andrews would want you to do it.)

So yeah, I wanted to write this post right around 6 months, but then I was like, “oh yeah, I have a 6 month old so I’ll get right on that – HAHAHA.” It really is crazy how much less you can get done with a baby. Especially a baby that straight up refuses to be set down for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. (That’s getting better… kind of). But really I don’t mind most days because it’s all I can do to keep from kissing and snuggling and staring at that sweet lil’ face every second anyways. SO. Stuff we’re loving! There’s been a few things we’ve introduced in the past few months that Leila has really taken to. We’re still trying our best to keep the “minimalist” approach when it comes to toys/gadgets/etc., and I still think we’re doing a pretty good job. Luckily the wonderful spring/summer weather is finally upon us, and I think that will lend to much more time spent outside walking and playing and less of a need for indoor entertainment. But I digress. So in the spirit of keeping this short, let’s list it out, shall we?

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
As soon as we noticed Leila was really showing interest in being upright (around 5 mos), we started using this little jumper. (I actually found ours at a yard sale last year, so I’d DEFINITELY recommend keeping an eye out for these if you’re into the yard sale thing.) It was a little roomy so we’d throw some blankets in to keep her more secure at first. It’s one of the only places we can get away with putting her down to get things like emptying the dishwasher or inhaling a sandwich done, and she absolutely loves bouncing. (This is the one my parent’s have at their house and it’s a bit more fitted around her.)

The Audrey Teething Necklace

Chewable Charm
I think I first discovered this brand on Instagram, but I totally fell in love with how adorable the necklaces are! And since Leila is a “carry me around all the time, please and thank you” baby, it’s so great to have something connected to you that she can play with and chew on without having to squat down every time she drops whatever it is she’s holding. Good for the butt, bad for the patience. Anyways, I wear the one pictured (the Audry necklace) almost daily because I just think it’s so cute, and get so many compliments on it. Most people have no idea it’s a teething necklace, but the ones that do are always immediately interested in where they can get one. Love this.

* Just realized they have a promo code right now for 25% off! It’s “YourMom”

ergoErgo 360 Baby Carrier
We still love our Solly, but as Leila’s gotten bigger, she’s so much more interested in the world around her, especially when we go for walks. The option to carry her facing outward really appealed to us, so I grabbed this carrier during a sale at Target and we’ve loved it since the first time we used it. We’d only keep her facing out for about 20 minutes at a time at first so she wouldn’t get overstimulated, but she really prefers it now, so it’s our go-to when we walk or need to get things done. I think they recommend you not leave them that way for longer periods of time, but we usually don’t go more than 40 minutes. We also haven’t tried the backpack-style position yet, but I know a lot of parents love this, especially as they get heavier! Brandon especially loves this carrier because it’s one of the easiest ways to keep her entertained and happy when I’m not around and she’s a grumpasaurus.


Nursing is still going strong, and one of my hands-down nursing must-haves are these Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads. A good friend of mine told me about them and they really are the bomb. They’re SO super soft and I have never leaked through them, which has been an issue with other brands. I still use the disposable kind between washes (Lansinoh are my faves) but these are so much more comfortable. And when you pump during the work week, it’s really the little comforts that matter. Plus they’re adorable and shaped like hearts and you guys know what a sucker I am for things that are cute and girly.

Favorite Toys
Leila loves anything she can stack, knock over and rattle right now. It’s so entertaining just watching her figure out how to pick things up and shake them around, and when she does something new she gives me this “DID YOU SEE THAT??” look that just makes me laugh hysterically. Some of her current favorites are these stacking bowls that were a shower gift (thank you mystery person that I don’t remember bought these!) and those little stacker rings (like this one).

Honest Bath & Body Products
I swear I’m not just that person that buys stuff because a celebrity is affiliated with it. I legitimately heard great things about the Honest baby products and seriously loved them as soon as we started using them. Our favorites are the Perfectly Gentle Body Wash, Purely Simple Face & Body Lotion and the Breath Easy Vapor Rub for when she’s congested. We tried the diapers but didn’t really love them (they’re super cute but like… she pees and poops in them so…) and I use a couple of the cleaning and personal care products as well.

That’s about it for now… other random favorites include books (especially the soft kind she can chew on), pulling mommy’s hair and frozen bananas in those little mesh feeders. But not sleeping. Definitely not sleeping. And if you want to see a lot of this stuff in action, I’m newly addicted to Snapchat and my username is stealthyjess. Oversharing at it’s finest.

leila snapchat

See? Pink hearts forever.

None of this is sponsored, all opinions are mine, there are a few affiliate links. Love you, mean it!

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