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April 7, 2016
by jessica

Mom Life: 6 months

As usual, I’m a little late with this update. (Our little beanie is actually 7 months this week! AHH.) But 6 months feels like a good update point, and also about the time Leila started doing all kinds of fun new tricks and we really started to see her personality blossom. She cracks us up constantly when she wants to be a goofball, but a lot of the time she is really serious and has the sweetest little face when she’s really thinking about something. We like to narrate her thoughts to each other, and I think it’s one of my favorite things we do as a family.

leila outside

The biggest change that we faced at 6 months was the official start of daycare. This was terrifying for all of us. My mom had generously volunteered to keep watching her for the first few months, but as Leila’s colic persisted, we were all pretty worried about how she would do without the one-on-one attention she was used to getting. Thankfully, just about the time she started was when the colic clouds parted (fun with rhymes!) and she is doing so great! I love seeing her play with her little friends, and it’s really helped her become more independent and able to entertain herself for longer periods of time. She’s constantly showing us new things she picks up from the teachers and other babies, and I just love getting her little “report card” at the end of the day when I pick her up. And luckily, I’m able to stop by when I’m out on meetings or shoots and nurse her whenever I can, so that’s a huge plus for both of us. She still loves her days with my mom, and I love that they get to have that time together. Also, she bought her these hippy flower sunglasses:


Can’t even.

About 6 months is when we really started experimenting with some baby foods, which was… interesting. I think because she’d only ever had breast milk, she wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. Some days she’s a little champ and others she just doesn’t have time for it. Basically I’ve just pureed or mashed up fruits or veggies that we’re already eating and let her try it. Nothing against store-bought baby food, but it’s so freaking cheap to make it myself and I don’t have to worry about reading labels in the aisles and being an annoying millennial mom in public.

We also had our first Easter, and it was so surreal. I vividly remember being at Church last year and having this little belly I was so excited about. (I was also very hormonal and audibly cried when they read the Passion last year.) She made her debut at Easter Mass and did… ok. Thankfully Brandon was there and we took turns walking her around. I will probably give it another month or so before we try again, but I’m really looking forward to having her there with me and watching her learn about that part of our lives.


Other fun developments include sitting up for longer and longer without our help, LOTS of rolling around (changing diapers is fun…) and babbling and blowing lots of raspberries. Giggles here and there, but you gotta earn ’em. Sleep is still pretty much a disaster, she was getting sick every week from daycare and we are in the throes of teething, so we’ve decided to hold off on sleep training, at least for a little while. She naps well for me, but not really for anyone else. At this point I think we’re both running on pure adrenaline. I keep telling myself that she won’t be so snuggly forever and I’ll miss all these moments when it’s just us at night, and that actually helps a lot. As does lots of coffee. LOTS.

I just can’t believe how quickly time is passing – everyone told us from the beginning how 6 months is this magical time when they really start to come alive and things get so fun, and I just cannot grasp the fact that we made it here already. I have so much love for this tiny person, and every day I spend with her feels like it was better than the day before. We are just so blessed and beyond in love with her.

baby jeans

As always, you can check out all my over-sharing on instagram, and I’ve recently become a snapchat convert (username = stealthyjess) even though I don’t ever know if I’m doing it right.  And we’ve got quite a few new favorite things, so stay tuned for those!

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