Shopping Tendencies Exposed


There are a few things I have learned about myself through my shopping habits, most of which convey that I indeed have a problem.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

1.  Every week I check the sales at Anthropologie with bated breath and proceed to fill up my imaginary shopping cart.  By that I mean I actually fill up my shopping cart with an array of items, ranging anywhere from adorable dresses to whimsical and completely unnecessary  cutlery.  Rarely do I actually purchase any of these items, unless it’s something I’ve been sale-stalking for months and purchase out of fear that it will go out of stock within 20 seconds of going on sale.  (You Anthro shoppers are quick!)  I also do this at other stores such as J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret, GAP and   You should know that my finances in no way support my fictitious shopping sprees, but it just feels good to pretend like I could own them if I reaaally wanted to.  Any by that I mean, I would probably have to sell some organs.

Nope, still can't afford it.

2.  There are some stores that once entered, there is 0% chance I’m making it out of there spending less than $100.  These stores include (but are not limited to):  Tarjay (aka Target), Ulta (or Sephora when I’m in the “big city”), Anthropologie (see above), most grocery stores and more often than not, T.J. Maxx.  What happens to me in there?  It’s like in Vegas when they pump oxygen so you gamble more, they must be fumigating these places with some magical elixir that hits the spending nerve.  I turn into a child in the candy aisle, filled with thoughts of “Ohhh I need this!” or “Ahh I want that!” and “oh oh, I’ve been looking for these!”  It’s quite a scene.  Case and point: I went to Ulta with one thing in mind.  I am in a wedding this weekend and I need a tan, badly.  I’ve heard great things about (embarrassingly enough) the Kardashian self-tanner.  Yet somehow, I wandered out with a bag full of booty of which included multiple hair products and OPI’s new “Shattered” nail polish.  Dude…how old am I?  …It is kind of awesome though.

OPI Katy Perry Collection Nail Lacquer, Black Shatter

3.  When I go shopping with other people and on the VERY rare occasion don’t purchase anything, they ask me what’s wrong.  Like, several times. 

Glamour Self Tanning Gel

4.  I buy a new outfit for every. single. occasion.  God forbid someone see me wear the same dress twice.  Who would even notice?  (But you know… the pictures could end up on Facebook, and people with think OMG Look at Jess rocking that same outfit from 8 months ago!  What is wrong with her??)  The horror.  Half the time these days I can’t remember what I wore a week ago, and last time I checked there wasn’t a swarm of paparazzi following me around town.  I think I can give myself a little more wiggle room in the repeat outfit area.  But then there’s that party coming up and I really don’t have a single thing to wear….  quick, someone hide the credit cards.

5.  I actually find things I don’t remember buying.  Chances are I bought it, wore it once, decided I didn’t like it that much and stuffed it in a duffel bag under the bikinis from high school that I’ll never wear again.  And then one day, when I feel like torturing myself, I’ll rifle through my bathing suits and discover a top that was once loved and casually thrown to the side.  It’s full on clothing abuse, I’ll tell you.  I should mention that I have been working on that, and I now donate these items rather than bury them in the closet, I’m not a complete jerk.

What are your shopping habits?  Are there any stores where you always overspend?  Am I the only crazy one??

PS- anyone interested in a review of the Kardashian tanner?

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  1. Um I am the same way with shopping. Number one I can’t even go shopping with other people. They slow me down and always copy something I’m buying. Target, tj maxx, marshalls, century 21, sephora = no way I’m leaving there without breaking the bank. I also buy something for every occasion. Thanks facebook. That’s why I started renting dresses!

  2. haha i can totally relate!! this has gotta be normal! i get that same adrenaline rush at Target and TJMaxx/Marshalls, or H&M. and yes please review the Kardashian self tanner. I’ve probably tried ever brand but not that one yet, so please spare me the extra impulse buy… unless of course it’s amazing 🙂

  3. #4 is totally me – right down to the facebook anxiety! I hear great things about anthropolgie but have never purchased anything. I’ll have to give it a look…

    Oh and Target is a money pit. I make a lot of bad decisions in there.

  4. you got the kardashian tanner! now i definitely need to hear about this! i would rather go pretend shopping with you anyday and have random people take our pics in the fab clothes and leave with all my moneyyy!!!

  5. I used to be a full on shopping addict in college. I still have relapses, but I’m so broke now that I can’t indulge myself. It’s painful when you work across from every single store a woman could want. We even go to for lunch-time walks. A little piece of me dies every time. SOMEDAY I’LL BE ABLE TO AFFORD ALL THE THINGS!

    • Thats the major saving grace for me- I don’t have an Anthro or H&M nearby so I don’t have temptation that often, and I’m always more cautions when shopping online. But all bets are off in Tarjay and TJ’s. I’m like a tornado of shoes and dresses and comforters and makeup. It’s craziness, I tell you.

  6. We apparently have the same shopping habits, Anthropologie is a favorite of mine! Funny story, I once bought the exact same tank top twice because I didn’t remember that I had already bought it. Maybe not so much funny as sad. My goal in the next few weeks is to weed out at least 1/3 of my wardrobe (aka, I own enough clothing for it to equal 4 times the wardrobe of a normal person).

  7. I used to be a total shopaholic, like bought everything I tried on and then let it sit in my closet with the tags on. I had great stuff but a sad bank account and a lot of credit card debt. With grad school I realized I needed to save $$ so mall trips became obsolete. I also decided to pay off my credit card and cancel it until I started making enough money to save up. I envy my friends who have cute new clothes, but I just remind myself one day I’ll be able afford it all…

  8. I really love modcloth! I am yet to buy something on their site (bc like I mentioned before, I really don’t shop unless I need something immediately), but I’ll continue to stalk it…

    And my friends have the shattered nail polish and really love it. You’re lucky to score it at Ulta- the one by me had a waiting list for it a few weeks ago when I was there!

  9. I hate shopping. Unless I desperately need clothes, I will not go shopping. I am currently wearing the ONLY weather appropriate top that I own. I should go buy some more, but I just dont want to.

  10. Too funny! Our shopping habits are so similar. I have full “carts” all over the Internet, but I’m probably not going to buy any of it. I used to buy clothes more regularly and for various occasions, but now that I’m married, I have finally come to realize that men (or at least my hubby) rarely notice new stuff – much less appreciate the time and $ that went into getting it.

  11. I love Anthropologie! Sometimes they have great finds in their sale section. Their dresses are always so cute… and yes, so expensive!

  12. I totally fill up an imaginary shopping cart almost daily.

    I mean.. what?

    and, uh, do you even have to ask about the Kardashian sunless tanner review? that’s a big fat yesiwannalearnhowawful/awesomeitis.

  13. I am an incessant returner.. I go to the mall shop my little heart out, go home and reassess my purchases and my pocket book, then make returns. But hey, while I’m at the mall returning these things I don’t need, might as well look around a little… It’s ridiculously out of hand. Last weekend i went to return some things at Banana Republic, and when the guy went to staple my return receipt to my old receipt the pile of past receipts was SO THICK the staple wouldn’t go all the way through. I wish I were kidding.

  14. I am actually a really annoying person to go shopping with. Let me explain…I walk into a store, very quickly do a thorough scan with my eyes (if it’s a bigger store I walk down the main aisles), and decide within 5 minutes if I want to keep looking or move on. Weird, I know…but I’m not a good browser…LOL!

  15. I love the fake shopping. You get the thrill of shopping without the pain of paying off the credit card. Fun, relaxing, and an all around great time! I had shatter nail polish when it was big about 1997 maybe? I loved it, and I just saw the new OPI one recently. I’d love a review of the tanner…I’m always looking for a great one!

  16. I love shopping…I never fake shop though. Unfortunately for my bank account. I have the shattered polish on my toes right now! So fun!

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