I (don’t) Pity the Foo


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been in Philly this week for a conference and 2 of the nights here we got to go to dinner. The first dinner (which I’ll speak of at a later time) was…not my fave.  But the 2nd dinner was seriously delicious.  And the best part was we could walk there.

It was Susanna Foo in Radnor, PA.


First of all, as soon as we walked inside we were very pleasantly surprised.  It was gorgeous and very modern.  Not what you’d expect driving by, but it felt like we were in the middle of some hip city like NYC.  The whine list was “meh” at best, but the menu was pretty diverse.  The items ranged from sushi to pad Thai and seafood.  For once I was not completely overwhelmed when looking at a menu and knew right away what I wanted. 


sushi 3

And the best salad I’ve ever had, hands down:


sush 2

The sushi was pretty fantastic, but the best part was that they were able to accommodate my brown rice request.  None of the sushi restaurants in my home town can do this (except Wegman’s) and it drives me crazy.  But the salad was 100% the star of this meal, and I was actually kind of sad when it was gone.  I love love love goat cheese, but mixed with the spiciness of the arugula and the sweetness of the walnuts, then the fried wontons…sweet mother of pearl, it was amazing.

Other than these two dinners, we’ve been mostly dining at the ‘ol college cafeteria on the campus we’re on.  Which I have to tell you, makes me want to revert to my 2001 version of myself and eat 4 bowls of cereal, make a giant taco salad and then wash it down with a soft-serve cone and a slice of pizza.

I may have gone over-board my first year in college…but it was totally worth it.  However I’ve been on a strict salad-bar diet as the meat is best described as “questionable” and I have had zero time to workout this week.  I hear they have a great fitness center, but at this point I can only take their word for it.

So in summary, bravo to you, Susanna Foo.  You greatly exceeded my expectations and I am no doubt going to try and recreate this salad as soon as I get home.

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Where’s the best meal you’ve had lately?

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  1. I had a cajun salmon salad when our boss took us out for lunch a week or so ago. It was pretty amazing….

    Aaaaahhhh college dining. I was always PSYCHED for toasted ravioli day.

  2. uuummmmm, looks good, I would love to try that. now get ur a$$ back to enola! i’m going through biffdrawl….

  3. I love Susanna Foo! I’ve only had their veggie dumplings there. I actually work near there! 🙂

  4. The best meal I had lately was at Coco’s in Charlotte. It is BY FAR my fav restaurant here. Perfect for people watching and the food is alway fabulous. We went last weekend at like 10 (late dinner courtesy of the slow moving bf), and it was still 90+ degrees out. And we sat and ate Pasta and Italian yummies and downed a bottle of red wine. It was perfect.

  5. Adding Susanna Foo to my list of places to go nearby. I have no idea how I never heard of this place when I lived in Ardmore for almost 3 years. Wish we had time to hang out! So close yet so far. 🙁

    The best meal I had lately was the grilled tilapia Scott threw together. He is a genius when it comes to flavoring things for the grill.

  6. I finally found a sushi place that will do the brown rice for me! of course for an upcharge, but lets be real – im not paying!

  7. That salad sounds so bomb! I loooove fried goat cheese.
    My veggie burger last night was pretty spectacular. The slaw was awesome, which is so unusual at a restaurant.

  8. So the wontons were stuffed with goat cheese?! Heaven!

  9. My sis went to Villanova, that’s where we had her graduation dinner. Sooooooooo good.

  10. That maki roll looks goooood! The best meal I’ve had lately was in Vegas, marinated NY strip steak for the win!

  11. Umm that salad looks amazing. Its going to be all I think about all day long.

  12. I’m not kidding, I think salads at sushi restaurants are better than any other salads. What is that all about? I definitely think you need to recreate that at home. And ohhhh, dining halls. How I miss the buffalo chicken wraps and chicken Phillies (drenched in oil, naturally). Great times.

  13. Oh God. The dining hall at UMASS was disgusting. It’s giving me the shits just thinking about it.

    No one near me does brown rice sushi. Yours looks delicious!

  14. Sushi!!! I love 😀

  15. omg that looks amazing! i have never seen ahi tuna in a sushi roll in my town! i just went to wegmans for the first time last week! i need a day to get lost in there!! i now know where to buy my fish for sushi making!!

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