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So I will start with a mid-week update on my efforts to turn my sloth-like lifestyle around:  so far so good.  Food-wise, I’ve been sticking to big veggie-loaded salads with lean proteins and hearty soups, and I’m avoiding evil mindless snacking, and of course, the booze.   (I’ve got another delicious soup recipe coming for you tomorrow, stay tuned.)

To my pleasant surprise, I had one of those really kick-ass workouts last night where you feel like you could just keep going forever (very rare occasion for me).  I did 30 minutes on the arc machine followed by 15 minutes on the stair climber, and I even banged out a bunch of strength training afterwards.  I started with squats with a 15lb body bar (3 sets of 8, pulsed for 3 sets of 8), squats on the bosu ball while holding an 8lb medicine ball (3 sets of 8, pulsed for 3 sets of 8), reverse lunges (3 sets of 8, pulsed for 3 sets of 8), wall-sits with an 8lb medicine ball (held 3 times for 30 seconds), and burpees with the bosu ball (3 sets of 8, held plank for 30 seconds in between sets).  And then I died.  But only momentarily.

Today should be super fun for me and my legs.

Speaking of super fun things…


Meet my new best friend.  Tommy Knocker Pumpkin Ale.  It was everything I dreamed of and more.  (I’m no beer professional, so I’ll give you my amateur but honest opinion.) Not too heavy, but filling enough that I probably could only drink 2 at most.  The best part is the smooth finish which is a rich natural pumpkin flavor with a touch of spice.  It was $5 for a 16oz draft at a local bar (Brewhouse Grille), and worth every penny.

Another delicious beverage I encountered this weekend was Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier.

sam adams

This was my first experience with a fruit beer.  I’d been wanting to try one forever, but I’m glad this was my first.  Very refreshing with a pretty strong fruit flavor, but not overpowering.  I definitely see a 6-pack of these in my future.  Not too near future… you know cutting out the booze during the week and all.

And now for the crafty portion of today’s program. I present to you…  the Halloween Ribbon Wreath:


I have to give credit to the lovely Kelly for this one.  I completely jacked the idea from her, but let me tell you, girlfriend wasn’t kidding when she said it takes a while.

wreath two

So. Much. Ribbon.  I showed it to my Mom (via text) and when she said, “I’d like to put my order in for one!” Words were mumbled that I’m glad she wasn’t able to hear.  Imma’ need a break from this little guy for a while.  Perhaps the rest of my life.  If you have the patience though, I definitely recommend making one.  It did turn out pretty adorable, right?

So how are those of you who decided to join me in “getting back on track” doing ?  Feel free to use me for support, I’m really good at yelling at people and using guilt as a weapon.

What…? At least I can admit it.  Happy hump day friends!

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  1. I’m sorta thinking about making these for some of my fam for Christmas… is that wrong?

    Of course, the wreaths would be for spring or something like that. Because God knows my mom does not need one more Christmas decoration…

  2. I highly recommend Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. It’s a pretty bangin’ beer. 🙂 I have so many DIY projects I’ve planned and not executed. Ugh. I love the ribbon wreath idea. You and Kelly are far more creatively motivated than I am lately! And keep up the good work with the lifestyle makeover. I’m looking forward to your soup recipe! <3

  3. that’s a seriously awesome wreath! it looks like colorful candy wrappers. so cute! that’s the thing about being crafty.. you also need to be patient, which is why my attempts at craftiness tend to fail.

  4. Haha glad you finally finished! It looks great!

  5. I’m doing decent with the get back on track thing. Definitely eating slower and smaller portions, and being way more mindful of what I snack on.

    And you and Kelly are making me want to be crafty. I see one for each season….plus a seperate Christmas one, of course. Whats the price range on those things?

  6. i have yet to try a pumpkin beer! eep!

  7. Love the skull and crossbone ribbon!
    I’m not a fan of pumpkin or fruit beers, but looking forward to checking out the Dogfish Ale Punkin ale that everyone is OMGRAVING about.

  8. That wreath really does look amazing. I have to keep reminding myself how long it takes so I don’t start making one, and then promptly give up.

  9. Cute wreath! I wish I had a front door that I could put a nail in, but I’m pretty sure my condo association would shit twice and die if I did. How are the legs today? I was feeling it yesterday and I did nothing as intense as you.

  10. Love the wreath! I am so crafty lately…just made something else last night. i think my boyfriend is going to kill me if i dont pick up my crayons and elmers glue off the living room floor

  11. Oooo I don’t think I’ve had that pumpkin one yet! I have dedicated this fall to sampling as many pumpkin ales as I can. I’ve given up trying to share my opinion with anyone, because everyone here and their mother is OMGSESSED with Shipyard Pumpkinhead and if you DARE suggest another one might be better, they look at you like a blogger who just saw someone buy the last can of pumpkin. (FTR, I blind taste-tested a bunch a few weeks ago, and my fave so far is Saranac Pumpkin).

  12. I’m thirsty. And have a strange urge to buy mass quantities of ribbon. But hey at least if I attempt to take on this craft project my hands will be busy for a large amount of time and subsequently unable to end up in a bag of chips…Win!

  13. That’s a pretty awesome bar that Blackberry beer was on and I like that girl’s shirt standing behind the bar… She must be pretty awesome, too! hehee.

    Also, Wegmans does mix a six and they have tons of beers including Dogfish head and a really good one called Tommy Knocker Maple Ale. Yum.

    Thanks for coming over!

    LOVE the wreath!

  14. Good job on the workout. I love that feeling when you can just go forever like you’re some sort of fierce gym warrior. I love the wreath too!

  15. Love pumpkin beer, it’s my absolute favorite! I can’t wait for more of it in my life.

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