Lust List


Perhaps a more appropriate name for this post would be:

“Things I really really want but no way in hell can afford.”
Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Also I may have just checked, re-checked, then triple checked my bank account juuuust to make sure I didn’t accidentally misplace, oh say, $1000.  Sigh.  Still empty.

Despite probably having to sell plasma or play my guitar on the street corner to even afford one of these items, I present to you:

My Fall 2011 Lust List:

Let’s do this.

1.  Lace-up ankle booties


Not only am I 99% sure my American Girls Doll had these exact shoes (perhaps with a tad smaller heel), but just the sight of them makes me want to re-watch the entire Anne of Green Gables series and say pretentious things in an old school house building.  These paired with a longer-length full a-line skirt and a pair of bright, patterned tights would be super chic.  Loves.

2.  And speaking of skirts…

Teal the Deal Skirt

Not only do I love the color of this skirt (teal is one of the on-trend colors this fall), but I adore the fullness of it.  It feels really Mad Men and whimsical, and is long enough to wear to work, which at my ripe old age of 28 is a huge bonus when buying apparel these days.   Also… it’s only $29.99.  I could just eat Ramen for a week and totally budget for this one.

3.  Red Skinny Cords

Vintage matchstick cord

From J. Crew

I love that brightly-colored corduroy and denim are so popular right now, and I’ve been praying every night that the Pants Fairy send me a cherry red pair.  And world peace.  However I suspect the Pants Fairy doesn’t have a lot to do with that one… She can put a word in for me with the Peace Fairy.

4. A Stand Out Swing Jacket

Ascot Swing Coat


The color… the bow… the nod to mod… there isn’t one thing about this jacket that doesn’t make me a little bit giddy.  I would probably put my hair up in a ginormous bun, throw on some ridiculous over-sized sunglasses, and march up and down the city streets like Audrey Hepburn.   Why must you torture me with your out-of-reach prices, Anthro?  WHY??

And last but not least…

5.  Flowy 70’s Style Peasant Blouses

Forever 21

I mean who doesn’t love a good flowy top when they’re having a “fat day”?  Big salad?  Not today, friends.  Pass the pizza.  It’s like wearing stretch pants to a buffet.  Except with lace, and much more refined.
I love the femininity and effortlessness of 70’s BoHo style, but always make sure to ask myself one very important question before I leave the house: “Do I look like Mary Kate Olsen?  No?  K, I’m good.”  (Thanks to Megan for that link).

Well there you have it.  All the things I will inevitably drool over for the next few weeks until I break down and charge at least one or two of them, and then swear I’m going to chop my credit cards into little bitty pieces.  Otherwise I do accept gifts in the form of any of the items listed above, preferably size M.  Have I told you lately how gorgeous you are? 

Tell me… what is the one item you’d buy to add to your wardrobe right now if you could?

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  1. I’ve been lusting after quite a few of the shoes on piperlime as of late. It’s getting a little obnoxious. My excuse is that I need a new pair for work. Sorta. 🙂

  2. I’m not into fashion at all, mostly because I’m cheap and have no idea what looks good, but I can respect your lust list. I deal with color trends for one of my publications, so I will add that Pantone predicts that “Ominous phantom black provides the backdrop for a sulphuric yellow and fiery red. A flash of green provokes a strong blue while an inky cyan plays up to honeysuckle and primrose.” Honeysuckle was the color of the year for 2011, and teals/purples are trending for 2012.

    However, I’ll be wearing jeans and running shoes when applicable, and it’s applicable 99 percent of the time 😉

    Speaking of style though, love the new blog layout!

  3. My sister, who is the brokest of the broke, found those red pants at a random place called Rue 21 (I think it’s like a Forever 21?) and they are awesome. I want to steal them. And they definitely don’t look like they were only $19.99.

  4. I LOVE those shoes! If you happen to get two pairs can I have the second one please??? Thanks!
    You have great taste btw 🙂

  5. I’d honestly love to have a really nice leather jacket. I’ve been debating picking up a pair of red skinnies for a bit, not sure how often I’d wear them though and I know my bosses would NOT let me hear the end of it, lol.

  6. I want to be skinny enough to wear red skinny cords. That is all.

  7. I just got red skinnies! From none other than forever 21….

  8. I want a lace long sleeve top. Random, I know. I mostly just caved in and added everything to my wardrobe that I was dreaming of for fall. I suck.

  9. I would buy like a thousand pairs of designer jeans that made my ass look good! But I’m poor…so old navy is gonna have to do! ha!

  10. your lust list is a lot like mine… i am dyyying for red jeans. i haven’t tried ones on yet that dont make my legs look like elephant legs, so still working on that one. but i did get myself a pair of little house on the prairie booties this weekend 😉

  11. I REALLY REALLY want a Michael Kors watch. If you see the watch fairy, send her over to me! 😉

  12. As “last year” as I think they are, for warmth, I’m craving a puffy jacket with faux fur lined hood.

    Then again, I live in NC, so the reasonableness and logic behind getting a puffy park is a little hazy.

  13. I want a pair of black booties sooooo badly. I almost bought some a couple weeks ago, but the heel was just a touch too high for me. I don’t like feeling like a giant. That’s probably for the best, seeing as how I did just buy a new laptop that I really couldn’t afford.

  14. I have been on the hunt for very similar shoes as you have shown. LOVE THEM! And yes, very Samantha circa 1904 🙂

  15. i love the swing jacket and the blouse! so adorable! i want the burberry duffle button winter coat, but since i don’t have a spare 750 to spend on a coat i think it’s gonna stay a lust 🙁 how tragic, i know. usually i want the entire j.crew collection, that’d be ideal. since i’ve been working hard and trying to save money, i am buying myself a new necklace from tiffany’s this weekend! i’ve never owned anything from that store, but i’ve helped to buy necklaces for birthday presents, so i figure it’s time to treat myself to something 🙂 i’d also love a pair of toms, but every time i consider getting them, i question if i’d actually wear them or not.

  16. I really love those skinny jeans! I was planning to make my “splurge” from the next bonus check a Lululemon zip-up (I’d wear it every day – my office gets so cold and I’m over wearing my NFL hoodie), but now I’m kind of contemplating these instead! Gah, dang you J.Crack!!!

  17. Um I want alllll of those. Thanks for making me want even MORE stuff I can’t afford 😉

  18. Love the ankle boots! Thanks for the fashion tips. 🙂

  19. Is it any wonder that the one thing out of all of those that I gravitated toward the most was the swing jacket? You have a fellow Anthro addict in me. PS, Old Navy is carrying a lot of flowy blouses like that now, too- and they are really cost effective!

  20. I want those red cords!!! Scratch that, I need them. And the booties. Those I need as well. Groceries? Who needs groceries. I’m pretty sure I could live off on the cans of miscellaneous vegetables in my pantry for two weeks. A small price to pay for J.Crew.

  21. I love Modcloth, I check their new stuff multiple times a day!

  22. I’ve been wanting those boots for a while, now! and THAT COLOR TEAL was what I wanted for my prom dress sooo badly. In 2006, it was no where. dress designer jerks.

  23. Yeah just see yesterday’s post on the boots I want for my lust list 😉

    I do like the colored cords, but think I could look ridic in them as a preggers girl!

  24. I’m on the fence about red pants. I think they look good on some people and terrible on others. They would go well with those brown booties though…get them both.

  25. I must have those red skinny cords from J. Crew.
    I am shallow and vain and red speaks my name.

  26. anthro’s line this year is killer,it’s driving me insane. but i just can’t succumb to those prices. ug.

  27. OK you mentioned anne of green gables and american girl dolls in two sentences. Plus you love TWY? We were clearly meant to meet. Online, no less.

  28. I want some J Brand jeans…the skinny, cropped ones, in every color. But I need more jeans like a hole in the head so I can’t really justify them. I also want a pair of knee high black boots…I need another pair of boots like a hole in the head! Do you see a pattern here?

    Love the coat. Anthro is the best!

  29. I want these:

    HOWEVER, even at 30% off, in typical Anthro fashion, they are way out of my price range. Trust me, I’ve come up with every “well, I ran a 10k this weekend” type of reward justification. I need to find me a shoe sugardaddy, ASAP.

  30. Wedge boots that would work in the snow.

  31. OK so you microwave it BEFORE cutting in half. I typically cut it before, but it’s really tough to do and every time I do it I feel like I’m going to lose a finger 😛

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