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It never fails to amaze me how quickly Friday at 5pm turns into Sunday evening.  Weekends seriously seem to be flying by lately, despite every effort to grab them by the horns and hold on for dear life.  If I could, I would wring out my Sunday evenings like a sponge, squeezing out every last drippity drop.  What can I say, I’m a girl who likes her down time.  Because let’s be honest, that laundry’s not going to do itself DVR’s not gonna clear itself out.   So even though it’s already come and gone, here are some of the fun things I did this weekend.

5.  I made bread!  Hooray!  You may not remember a semi-recent post where I spoke of a massive dinner failure, but part of that included my first go-round with the bread maker ending in almost tears.  But not this time!  I threw this loaf together on Friday night, after dreaming of nothing but dipping wonderfully fresh bread into a vat of olive oil to accompany my wine.  I followed the instructions for the bread maker, added some rosemary and it was fab.  FAB I tell you!

4.  Drinking fancy wine.  Brandon’s best friend has worked for the LCB for some time now, and is always a great resource for good wine selections.  Occasionally he brings us a new bottle to try.  This was one of the best I’ve had so far.  And just to show you how inexperienced I am, I saw the little crystals on the bottom of the cork and started freaking out, thinking the wine had gone bad.  Apparently that is actually indicative of good quality and not a reason to make a pouty face.  They’re also called “wine diamonds” so clearly I am a fan.

3.  I went to the theatre. (thee-a-ta).  Ok, so maybe it was just a high school performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but it was freaking fantastic.  I went to see a friend’s daughter make her debut as an Oompa Loompa, but I have to say, I would totally go to another show just for fun.  I was a huge theater geek growing up and loved nothing more than claiming center stage and belting out show tunes.  This brought back that feeling of excitement and joy I used to feel, and I was honestly in awe of the talent these kids have.

2.  I perfected my sock bun.  Yes, this is a big deal to me.  I hand-to-God stared at it in the mirror for a good 10 minutes.  I even made Brandon come and see.  (He was not nearly as impressed.  Or impressed at all…) But for a girl who loves nothing more than a chic way to do her hair in under 5 minutes, this is gold, Jerry.  Full disclosure, I actually used a scrunchie instead of a sock, so I’m not sure if I can actually call it a “sock” bun, but I’m also kind of embarrassed that I just admitted to owning a scrunchie, so I’m going to move along.

1.  I mean, seriously.  Is my nephew the cutest?  You don’t have to answer, I know he is.  While I do not support the sweatshirt worn in this photo, I 100% fully support the snuggling of this little man.

So assuming you made it this far and care enough to read about my weekend happenings, I hope you had a great one too and wish you a happy Monday!  Recipe coming tomorrow for one of my new favorite quick & easy dinners….

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

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  1. Ooh…bread. I so enjoy the bread, and the fact you added a “vat of olive oil” makes it even more appealing. Also, I long for long hair for the very reason you can do fancy things like whatever it is you did with your hair. Your nephew? No words.
    As for my weekend, there were no fancy up-dos or cute little kids, but the weather was awesome and I spent as much time enjoying it as possible. Now it’s Monday. I need a vat of wine already.

  2. Ah yes… I saw how much you were enjoying the wine. And I’m glad we got to drink “together”. 😉

    Your weekend sounds amazing, btw. I’m still waiting for a “down time” weekend. Doubt it’s happening any time soon, but I keep dreaming about it…

  3. Your bun looks awesome! I can’t get over your bangs though – they are so cute and they’re making me want bangs!!! The last time I had ’em, though, I was in 7th grade and it did not end well.

  4. I love the sock bun with your bangs…very chic!
    So glad to know I am not the only one who swears Friday night to Sunday night goes WAY too fast!

  5. My mom gave me her bread maker a few months ago and I’ve been dyin’ to try it out, I def need to do that soon! And as for wine crystals… I’ve never heard of this before?! I bet that was some mighty fine wine though based on the looks of it. Love love love the hair-do, scrunchie and all lol. So glad that easy up-do’s are in style this year and that I have long hair to be able to wear them, they are going to be the best for hot, humid summer weather! Happy Monday lady 🙂

  6. A few years ago I saw a play that was a collection of Robert Munsch stories. We were probably the only people over ten that didn’t have a child in tow, but it was so good! Definitely something I should do more often.

  7. I fail at the sock bun 🙁 You will have to show me in May!!!!

    And I love the theatre (and yes, I pretentiously pronounce it thee-ate-a as well). And Willy Wonka? Love.

  8. I love doing the sock bun. It’s funny because I couldn’t find any black socks so I cut a pair of my husband’s dress socks only to find out later that was his only pair! Ha! Thankfully he is really laid back and just laughed about it.

  9. perfecting the sock bun is on my to do list, haha! my hair doesn’t stay in buns very well, so i’m hoping this one will allow me to start rocking them. hopefully this weekend i’ll buckle down and accomplish this task myself too!

  10. I use to do sock buns for ballet all the time!! It comes out perfect lol

  11. Okay, we’ll need a sock/scrunchie bun tutorial during hair lessons as well.
    The best thing I did this weekend? A tie between dinner out on Saturday and sleeping in that morning.

  12. Teach me your sock bun ways! And how you do your bangs. Mine have been a hot mess lately.

  13. I was totally going to call you out on the scrunchie but you already outted yourself ;). The hair looks cute though!


  15. Gahhh I wanna pinch his cheeks! So cute! 🙂

  16. Your nephew is getting so big! Look at him sitting up by himself. He’s a little man!

    I live across the street from a college and am always tempted to go to one of their plays or dance performances. Something to do right?

  17. We had my niece’s first birthday party. She’s already the cutest kid ever,but her attacking the cake was heartbreakingly adorable. And clapping her icing hands together put me over the edge.

  18. I dont like kids but he is really cute and I wouldnt lie about that.

    And good info to have about wine Miss Fancy Pants, I never knew about those little crystals and would freak as well. One of these days when I have money I will have to try that out!

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