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So I know I am a huge loser in the blogging department. Also the math department. Seriously what is the deal with algebra? *shudder* Anyways, I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight either, but I just got back from a pretty great run and find myself with a little extra energy. I haven’t run since probably last fall, so I’m not sure where this came from, but I blame Amy. I don’t know why, but someone needs to be held responsible for this. Either way, I found myself in a groove, my feet moving along with the beat of a few choice workout mix songs, and the wind blowing through my ponytail. And I loved it. Also, I’m proud of myself and want to scream from a mountaintop: EVERYONE! I DID IT! I RAN! So thank you for being my virtual mountaintop.

Anyways, I wanted to share a few things that have brought me great joy lately during my newly crazy schedule, and all coming in under $10! What’s that you say? You love things that are cheap and wonderful too? I knew that you would…

1. Fresh-cut flowers. I don’t do this very often, but every now and then I get the urge to fill my home with things that smell nice, and aren’t a major fire hazard. (I’ve been known to leave a candle burning overnight…) So for $6.99 I picked up this lovely bunch of pink tulips:

And for free, this amazing little splash of lilac has my house smelling heavenly.

2. My April Birchbox! Listen, I know I talk about this thing every month, but seriously, it’s the sh*t. I love that I get a fancy package, wrapped in bows and nestled in tissue paper, and it’s all for me. And this month’s box was filled with more wonderful little treats.

Specifically an awesome berry-colored lipstick from Vapour Organic Beauty. It’s super moisturizing and I love the color: (cheesy self-portrait alert)

And there’s a hair mask from Amika that smells like rainbows and sparkles. You think I’m kidding. So again, for $10 a month, I can’t say enough good things.

3. At-home dirty martinis. I don’t know if it’s the return of Mad Men, or just my love of food in my booze, but I have been on a dirty martini kick lately. But I’ve realized something… they are expensive, y’all! Seriously. I still don’t understand how those broads on Sex & the City spent so much time sipping fancy drinks in swanky bars, I mean, at least Miranda was an attorney, but seriously, Carrie? You are my girl, but let’s be real here.

So after accepting I’ll never be one of those fancy ladies, sloshing around my $20 cocktail and laughing loudly about the recent stock market fluctuations, I marched my blue-collar booty into the liquor store and bought some vodka and olives. And you know what? It was just as good as any I’ve had in a bar. And I got to drink it on my couch. Now as I mentioned earlier, I suck at math, but I can promise that after spending $14 on a bottle of Cupcake vodka and $4 on some olives, this drink probably only ended up costing around $3. If x = a martini shaker and y = a frosted martini glass, then z = one happy Jess.

4. I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention the one thing that makes me smile daily. You can’t put a price tag on this look.

You guys… I know.


What’s your favorite thing under $10?

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  1. That canine face melts my heart. Anyway, yes on the flowers! I came home to a surprise little flower from my mom yesterday for no reason and it totally made my day, one that needed making. Just that little burst of color and fragrance can totally lift up my mood. Unless, you know, a bug flies out and into my nose. That’s a total buzzkill.

  2. Lilacs are my favorite smell ever (well, okay, maybe tied with the ocean air) — there’s just something so beautiful and calming about them. Love, love, love!

  3. Rainbows and sparkles? Sounds fab! 🙂

  4. I will gladly take the blame for that. 🙂 I swear- with the way my friends here have picked it up, I almost feel like I”m starting a cult… whoops.

    My favorite thing under $10? One of the newest wines I found at Trader Joe’s! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $8 there for wine…

  5. I love those lilac flowers! They are so beautiful and I bet they smell amazing! Perfect for spring 🙂

  6. The SATC ladies could afford those drinks because they were single and didn’t pay for them!

  7. your little fur nugget is adorable….no wonder he brings a happy smile to your face….
    i have been wanting to try birchbox and i think you convinced me….going to order it ASAP…i love getting treats in the mail!
    have a happy hump day….
    oh and p.s. i am craving a dirty martini now!

  8. love your blog and love birchbox! i actually signed up on the website back in february (or it may have been january) after reading about it on your blog and i’m so happy i did! it’s like getting a present every month when it comes in the mail 🙂 and yay for dirty martinis. my fave!

  9. Special treats under $10 include: a quality beer (or 4), DIY Taco nights, and redbox movies + gummy worms. Jordan, thy name is Class.

  10. I love the dog face tilt. Can you bring Mac to DC?

  11. Mac is so freaking cute! I love that face.
    I got wine at Trader Joe’s on the weekend for $3. Thats my new favorite cheap thing. And you should know, we don’t have cheap wine here. Seriously, the cheapest I’ve ever found was $8.99 and it tasted like butthole.

  12. #3? Credit card debt. Carrie couldn’t afford those drinks, they were just digging her deeper into the hole. I think they should make a remake version of the show highlighting how deep into debt she was. Could be hilarious. My favorite thing under $10 that I’m loving right now is Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion. It may not be warm enough for skirts and shorts here yet, but my legs are going to be good and ready when it finally is.

  13. I am lovinggggggg the whole Birchbox thing, my April box was a bit different but contained the most fabulous pomegranate nighttime face lotion that I just can’t get enough of! I also love martinis. And your xyz math equation. Killin’ me hahaha 😛

  14. Out of the blue runs like that are the best! Also, a few fresh flowers in the house are grossly underrated. They seriously make me smile whenever I see them.

  15. Those flowers are beautiful! I love all the flowers I’ve been seeing around town lately now that its spring! Your doggy is the cutest and now I would like a martini 🙂 Happy wednesday!

  16. Wanna run Broad Street for me? And give me a martini. Thanks.

  17. You have fantastic bangs, my friend.

    I feel like I might need to check this birch box thing out. Everyone seems to love it!

  18. I’ve had flowers sent to me twice in the last month and I think once the latest ones die, I’m going to have to buy some to replace them. There really is nothing like beautiful fresh flowers to spruce up a room. So on my to-buy list is martini ingreds and flowers for when your beautiful face comes to mah crib!

  19. So funny…I recently splurged on an orchid AND some roses. It was a daring day with my credit card I guess….

  20. Suave ‘just like Aveda’ shampoos. Seriously the best stuff I ever used. Plus the BIG bottle is only $2.50! Bonus.

  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one who think’s Carrie has probably racked up an insaine amount of credit card debt.

    Great stuff – I’m totally wanting that hair mask.

  22. That’s what I strive for in life…Carrie Bradshaw’s work schedule and income combo 🙂

  23. This is my second month with Birchbox and I’m feeling pretty meh about it. Whys come everyone else gets such awesome stuff! I want to steal your box and give you the 800 perfume samples I received.

  24. I love that look! And fresh flowers are one of my favorite pick me ups. Sometimes my husband will surprise me with them at the exact perfect moment, and other times they’re a treat to myself. Perfect both ways 🙂

  25. stumbled across your blog! I’m totally checking out the birch box, how big are the samples, and how many do you get a month?

    My favorite thing under $10 is a massage (massage therapy school-just pay tip) they do a great job!

    • I really need to check out one of those massage schools, I hear they are still great!
      And Birchbox is so awesome. I usually have at least 5 samples inside and I’ve been using the eye cream I got in like Jan every night and it’s just now getting low. I also got 2 really decent sized lipstick/glosses that were worth the price alone.

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