A Few Things Friday


Look at me posting 3 times this week! Obviously my life has slowed down a little, but in the best possible way. So let’s get into it, shall we?

1. I’m finally feeling more confident in my new job, which is going amazingly, for anyone who cares to know. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and things have just kind of naturally aligned for me. I love that I get to be creative, and it’s constantly encouraged. I have to say, it’s extremely refreshing. I hope it’s not just some “honeymoon phase”, but I have a feeling that I actually just totally lucked out.

2. My workout schedule is insanely different these days than it was a year ago. I’ve started taking yoga twice a week at an awesome studio that I have quickly become addicted to. As I mentioned before, a lovely little Groupon brought me here, but I have a feeling I’ll be sticking around for awhile. There is something about yoga that not only makes me feel calmer and less anxious, but stronger and leaner. I miss a lot of the classes I was going to at my old gym, but I’m really enjoying just going a little slower pace, taking long walks with my pup and not killing myself trying to lift insane amounts of weights. To keep things balanced I’ve started really cutting back on carbs and the whole drinking wine 4 5 6 nights a week I had going for a while there, and it’s actually going pretty well. We’ll see how long I can keep it up…

3. One of the best parts of Brandon’s job is that some of their clients randomly give them free shit. (And here I thought the biggest perk would be marrying someone who be handy around the house.) Like this week, we got an entire bag of veggies from one of his client’s CSA’s. It was my first experience with one of these, but let me tell you, I am about ready to join one. Look at all the stuff we got!

Inside this monstrous bag was kale, lettuce, spring onions, fresh garlic, strawberries, parsley, radishes and carrots. All organic, and best of all, ALL FREE!

And like a good little girl, I cleaned and chopped it all up right away so I would (hopefully) use it all and not let is just rot away in my crisper.

Seriously, how awesome is that? I even made a delicious dinner by sauteeing some kale, onions and fresh garlic with a little olive oil and wine tossed with some Trader Joe’s pasta I had from my DC trip.

Speaking of…

4. Since I’ve finally been to Trader Joe’s, it’s like I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and I want more! Brandon is obsessed with the 3 cheese marinara sauce and I think a world war might break out in my office when I finally run out of dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. I think I might have to start making bi-monthly trips just to stock up on the goods. Plus it won’t hurt I’ll maybe get to spend some QT with a few lovely ladies

Anyways, that’s all I got for ya on this lovely Friday. I know this post is a lot more sunshine and rainbows than my usual sarcastic drivel, but it may be due to my recent shift into a more om state of existence, but then again it might be due to the 2 glasses of wine I’ve had tonight. Hey, I said I was cutting back, not cutting it out completely.

Hope you all have fantastical weekends- and don’t forget…. My favorite part of summer: True Blood comes back this Sunday! Weeeee!


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  1. You should never have to hide sunshine and rainbows. Maybe curb them a little bit if it’s everyday of course, but never hide your happiness 😉 I’m kidding, but I’m glad things are going so well for you. However, I do kind of hate the fact that you a) have a Trader Joe’s and b) get free produce. I suppose I’ll let it go…

  2. I’m so happy you’re happy. It will make your summer so much better.

    And I’ve been waiting as patiently as possible for my mom to come visit with food from the garden. From the sounds of it, I’ll have a massive amount of zucchini on my hands…

  3. I’m so tempted to join a CSA too, but I think I’d be stressed out trying to use up all the produce in time! I’m contemplating upgrading our cable package for the sake of True Blood.

  4. I’m glad to hear things are going well!!! The free CSA stuff = awesomeness. I have a co worker that gives me hers when she’s out of town, and it’s amazing!!

  5. So glad you’re loving the new job! And that’s quite the score with the CSA stuff. Have a good weekend 🙂

  6. Number 3, love the free shit. And yes, once you’ve experienced the awesomeness of TJ’s it’s hard to go back. I’ve already scoped out the Milwaukee location and informed darren we’d be going once a month.

  7. Hooray for the veggies! I’ve avoided the CSA because I still prefer to pick what I want at the farmers market but that CSA pick is a winner!

  8. I love how aware yoga makes you about what you’re putting in your body. It’s helped me get a better handle on my insane number of indulgences and make them into occasional treats instead of daily things. Glad you’ve found a home studio! It’s a great feeling to have one place to practice where you really connect with the teachers and other yogis!

  9. I’ve been doing yoga lately & I feel the same way about it. I’m newly addicted & I don’t think I’ll be getting over it any time soon!

  10. You made me want to give yoga another try. Perhaps I will. It sounds so good the way you described it. And as for the CSA thing, I love ours. I think it’s the greatest thing ever. We got scapes last week, and I’d never tried scapes before, and I made the best pesto with them. They are my new favorite veggie. Also, I’m so excited for True Blood. Did you see all the covers of Entertainment Weekly?

    • I think with yoga you have to keep trying until you find your perfect space. I’ve tried so many different gyms, classes, etc, but this is the first time I actually feel like it’s having a larger impact on me all-around. I realize that sounds a little hokey, but it’s true!

  11. YAY for being happy at work. Those things are important, yo.

  12. I’ve been slacking on the yoga the past few weeks, but I finally found a studio I can get to in less than an hour and a half round trip. So yay for that! Going to check it out this weekend.
    Also, your ass better come here to get some TJ’s.
    Also, isn’t that sauce effing amazing?
    Also, I love CSAs. I used to do one back home, but it was too much for me to use alone. I should try another one now that I’ve got a hungry man around. Although, said hungry man doesn’t really eat that many fruits or veggies.

  13. That 3 cheese marinara sauce is probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It’s so freaking good. I buy mass amounts of it whenever I go to Trader Joe’s.
    And all those free veggies – that is freaking amazing. I’d be so excited.

  14. I am counting down the seconds until True Blood. It’s been MUCH TOO LONG since my Eric Northman fix!

  15. So happy to hear about the job!!! yayyy!!! I was just looking into one of the local CSAs the other night 🙂 but I think it will be more beneficial someday down the road when there are more Walshes!
    Puppy walk or dinner soon, please?!

  16. This reminds me of that quote … “do what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life.” It’s amazing how exciting and invigorating life can be when we have the opportunity to do a job we truly enjoy. So glad that’s the case for you and that you’re so happy! Sunshine and rainbows are GOOD!

  17. I’m glad that you can now understand my unhealthy level of obsession with TJ’s. 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend!

  18. I just joined a CSA- the first pick up is tonight! They have half shares which will probably still be a lot but I am super excited about eating fresh organic veg every week. This week is supposed to be kale, garlic scapes, and rhubarb! 🙂

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