A Few Things Friday


1. Did you ever have a week that dragged and flew by at the same time? Did that just blow your mind? Am I even making sense right now? Perhaps we should start over…

2. I just realized yesterday that my watch was one day behind on the “calendar” portion of said timepiece (oh you fancy, huh), and was immediately embarrassed upon this revelation. For I have been scoffing at people for WEEKS who have (what I thought) been wrong about the date. I’m talking major attitude during a restaurant reservation session that I now realize was my bad. So… sorry about that, very nice Asian lady at the sushi restaurant… keep on doin’ what you’re doin’.

3. YOU GUYS!! The Bachelor is back!! *squeal* Yes, I realize this is turning my brain to mush, and yes, I realize most of it is fake and drummed up entirely by ABC, but I care not! There is nothing quite like a boozy house of hens, all clucking and pecking over a man who is undoubtedly just in this to have his Greek-god-like body plastered all over the television. (Not that I’m complaining.) But wow. So many things about this season so far.
Like for one, Tierra is the worst. REALLY, Sean? The first rose? And I thought I was done with Kacie B. And, I don’t know about you, but I for sure rewound the part when that chick tried to tumble her way out of the limo, but instead tumbled right onto her ass. You just can’t make this shit up, guys. And what’s up with 50 Shades chick? Is that still like a relevant thing? But for real, I don’t think I like any of them so far, but I’ll keep you posted as my feelings progress.

4. You know what else is back? Nashville

Yep, Nashville. Seriously… just… everything. And as much as I love this show with every fiber in my being, I just cannot take Hayden Peniteakrjea;lfkjdkal. Like… every time I look at her I just see a giant woman-child. And in those sequinned dresses it’s like an episode of toddlers and tiaras. And why is her jaw always clenched while she talks? Just stop.

5. Thanks for your recipe recommendations last week, I’ve actually stepped up my kitchen game again, and have been cooking dinners like a boss this week. I even remade one of my first blog recipes ever that I will (hopefully) be posting next week… I think this rejuvenation is partially because I finally went grocery shopping (oh, goodbye $250…), and also because I could not stomach one more frozen pizza. But it is Friday, and we all know Friday night = pizza night. God bless you, Newman’s Own Thin Crust Supreme.

6. I don’t know what it is, but I’m going through this weird retro music phase, and cannot stop listening to all the bands I used to listen to in high school on Spotify. (Goldfinger, Bouncing Souls, MxPx, and Alkaline Trio, just to name a few). I don’t know where this nostalgic urge to immerse myself in the music of my childhood is coming from, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. It also kind of makes me want to break out my gigantic-bottomed JNCO jeans and faded Salvation Army t-shirts, but then…

Yeah, not so much. Let’s just stick with the audio reminiscing.

Random question for funsies: Who was your favorite band in high school?

Ok, that’s it friends, happy weekend to you all! xxoo

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  1. Same bands I love now: the Smiths, the Cure and U2! TGIF fabulous lady.

  2. I have never watched “Nashville” or “The Bachelor,” but I flipped over the other night just to see Katie from “Sweet Tater Blog.” I don’t really follow her, but I was curious. It was lame and women are freaking weird as hell. If I were him, I would run away as fast as I could.

    High school bands? Hmm…311 was popular, as was Green Day. Our clique went through a huge Alanis phase as well. We were so hip (sarcasm here.)

  3. Goldfinger and Alkaline Trio… wow… takes me back for sure!

    I was a Third Eye Blind/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Blink fan. Thought I was so hard core. Right.

  4. i LOVE nashville and feel the same way about hayden! i plan on watching it this weekend. i’ve been dying for it to come back!

  5. I NEED to watch The Bachelor this year. I haven’t gotten hooked since season 2, but now that I know Katie is on…I’m so so interested!

  6. I’ll date myself but Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket 🙂
    Love Nashville but agree with your summary.
    50 Shades of Drunk – that was the line of the night.

  7. Uhhhhhh, JNCO jeans. Don’t even remind me!!!

    I hope the bachelor is on demand- we already have too much DVRing on Monday :/ Speaking of, no mention of Vanderpump Rules?! And I just told Dan that I’m going to have to purchase the Nashville soundtrack. Love it!! Totally agree about HP- but I could never put it into words, so thank you!!

  8. I died with that gif you included of the 50 Shades of Grey/Drunk girl. The entire time, I just kept thinking, oh my god her mom is watching, her mom is watching, her DAD is watching…

    What a way to give yourself a name on national TV. Even when they showed her reading it in bed, I was cringing.

  9. NSYNC. Do they count as a band? Also the bachelor was HILARIOUS on Monday, I was cackling like a fool. I need to re-watch Nashville from this week. I was sortaaaa drunk by the middle of it and it’s fuzzy.

  10. Favorite bands in high school…. well, if we’re talking real BANDS here (therefore excluding the Backstreet Boys, because as embarrassing as it is to admit now, I think they preoccupied the majority of my 9-10 grade years), I’d have to go with Dave Matthews Band (grew out of in college) and Matchbox20 (still obsessed to the point of writing an ode to them; still want to do bad things to Rob Thomas).

    Hayden…. I just can’t. She talks like “Amanda” from Revenge and we all know how I feel about her.

  11. I honestly refuse to answer what my favorite bands were in high school on a public forum. I was SO lame. i’ll tell you someday when we’re drunk together though 🙂
    I need to watch Nashville on OnDemand ASAP! I can’t do the Bachelor though. Not because I don’t want to, but it seriously takes up so much time. It’s SO long! Plus my DVR has no more room, and I think we’re about to cancel our cable since the payroll tax basically just ruined my finances.
    Have a good weekend my love!

  12. Ok, so apparently my boyfriend is really into the Bachelor, so I tuned in to what may have been my first episode ever for the premiere…3 things: 1. YES about Tierra. Puke. 2. That girl falling on her ass totally got a rose, so good for her. 3. You HAVE to like the one-armed girl! C’mon! Oh, and yes about Nashville….I’m so happy they got picked up for a whole season. That’s TWENTY TWO episodes!

    Sorry about the caps. I’m real excited.

  13. I do believe that is the correct spelling of Hayden P.’s last name! Well done.

  14. ON POINT with the Hayden Panithgscjhg (I always wanna say Pantene) stuff. And OMG I cannot believe you just busted out with the JNCO jeans. Holy flashback. Loved Everclear. And Garbage.

  15. Ahh, I loveeeeeee Nashville. But I’m right there with you on the woman-child thing. And what’s with all the sparkles??

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