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So before I *really* enforced my “no more buying new beauty products” rule…. I bought a few more new beauty products.  However, from this point on, I am making it VERY CLEAR to myself that I must use up what I’ve got before I do any more damage in the colorful cosmetic isles of Target or CVS.

However… this was then, that is now.

beauty haul

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around the Revlon “Nearly Naked” line in the last few weeks, and if not, let me be the first.  This line is very much like the Urban Decay “Naked” (um, hello identical font) concept and is meant to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.  This worried me at first, since I tend to shy away from “sheer coverage” products.  However, after multiple reviews about the build-ability-factor of this line, I was very much intrigued.

nearly naked

I chose to pick up both the foundation and powder (because us oily-skinned girls can NEVER have too much powder) and I’m actually completely in love with both.  The foundation is almost the exact same color as my skin, and blends in effortlessly with a very light but medium-coverage finish.  I do need a little concealer after I apply it, just for the stubborn marks and scars, but overall, it’s a ‘beaut of a foundation.  And the powder is also very light, but kind of a beast in the long-lasting category.  I applied this in the morning on my first run, and it stayed put way into the afternoon.


And just who would I be without some lip products… I picked up another of my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (obvi) and this time in Rendezvous.  This little gem is possibly the winner of the whole bunch.  If you’re someone looking to try some of the orange/coral spring beauty trends, I would absolutely suggest starting here.  The color is very buildable, and not too shocking of a color.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop, so expect it to pop up again in next month’s favorites fo sho.

The Color Whispers are another new obsession, this one in Lust for Blush only adds to my love.  It is one of the prettiest nude/pinks I’ve ever worn and it smells like straight Fruit Loops.  FRUIT LOOPS, PEOPLE.

To check out the rest, here’s a “quick” video…

And if you need me I’ll be doing my best to not drive past a Target or CVS for the next month or so.

Have you picked up any new products you’d like to share?  Not that I should even ask, because we all know where that will lead…

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  1. ugh I’ve been really restraining myself from trying the Naked foundation, but i’m curious… I don’t like heavy coverage so this could be right up my alley. Also, I’ve really been wanting to pick up rendez-vous too. I had Charm and ended up throwing it out it was the only Revlon kissable lip stain balm that I haven’t liked. It just didn’t show up on my lips, nothing came out. So for an orangey color this might be the move…

  2. I may have gone a little overboard a couple weeks ago stocking up on makeup for my purse, and for my boyfriends house. I just couldn’t risk him insisting we go out for breakfast and being stuck with no makeup again. I don’t care what he says, it is not a good look for me.
    I did however find a new powder that I am in love with. It’s the Almay Perfect Match stuff, and it’s basically the whitest ever. But it is the only one I’ve ever found that actually matches my skin, and I was starting to think that was never going to happen.

  3. I’m definitely going to look for that eye cream! The skin around my eyes is the same way and I used to LOVE this eye gel that St. Ives made and then they went and discontinued it!

  4. I’m very curious about this foundation. I’ve used the same stuff for years, but lately I’ve noticed it doesn’t look as good as it used to. And now I’ll definitely be buying the lip stain in that color the next time I’m at CVS.

  5. 🙂 I walk by CVS 2x/day and have to restrain myself from browsing.
    Have you tried the Neutrogena eye shadow sticks? Fab!

  6. For fine/straight/flat-hair ladies out there, I am Luuuuhhhh-ving the new John Frieda volume shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

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