April Beauty Favorites


Well hello, there.

april favorites

It’s already time for April Favorites, and I’m not sure where this year is going.  It’s like.. May(ish.)  MAY!  It’s also the time where my mom’s birthday, dad’s birthday, father’s day and mother’s day all clump into one big cluster of gifts and cards, but my parents are pretty amazing so I try not to complain.

But you know this means I have to buckle down on my own personal shopping.. which… uhhh…

Didn’t happen this month.

april favorites lips

To be fair, only one of these lip products is new.

milani pink punch

And it’s SO PRETTY!! Milani’s Fruit Punch has been my obsession lately, it is the most perfect Barbie pink color, and it smells like watermelons.  Perfection for springtime, and I love love love it.  Holler at your drugstore lipsticks.

The rest of the lip products got cut off (womp womp), but all I will say is I was a big hater on the NYX Megashine lipgloss when I first got it, and now I’m a believer.  This color is “beige”, except you and I both know it’s actually pink.  But it’s a lovely shade of blush/nude, and it’s great for days when you just want a kiss of color and not the full monty.

april favorites eyes face

Two of these products are newbies: The Wet’n’Wild eye shadow trio (in Walking on Eggshells) and the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner in Nude.  This trio is amazing for a neutral eye look, and the crease and lid colors blend beautifully.  The Rimmel eyeliner has been strictly for lining my waterline (how many times can I say “line” in one sentence…) but it has been CRUCIAL during this pesky allergy season.  I feel like an extra on Half Baked with all the Visine I’ve been pouring into my eyeballs.

To check out the rest, click to watch this month’s video!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know what some of your favorites were this month!  And let me know if you’d like to see a non-beauty favorites post/video like the ones I’ve done in the past. I’m not sure those are as exciting, but I have a few rando things I’ve been loving lately that don’t come in a shiny package or smell like candy.

…Or do they?

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  1. Hi, your hair looks amahzing in that video. And you always make me want to buy things, which I hate love you for.

  2. I’m so lame. The only new products I can think of that I bought this month were four Sally Hansen nail polishes I bought while drunk and buying allergy meds. But I want all of these things! I love the idea of this nude liner. I’ve never tried that before, and lawd knows people sure do love to tell me how tired I look. Assholes.
    These videos make me so happy. I love your hand expressions. <3

  3. I love all your videos and think you should do another non-beauty faves if you have time!

    It’s finals week and a little distraction is always welcome 🙂

  4. Please…stop…buying…beauty products ..and talking …about …them!!! Now I have to go and buy some of them myself!!! Just kidding! Love this feature and I love your dog running back and forth behind you!

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