Non-Beauty Favorites


Hey there, happy Monday, friends!  This weekend I decided to do a quick(ish) video featuring some of my non-makeup-hair-body-thing-type-favorites, and share some of the other random things that are making my life a little more enjoyable.

Everything from my favorite wine to music, tv and Target.

I’ve also made up a new month:  Maypril.  You’re welcome.

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  1. The candle is from Weiss Market. I’ve seen them in other grocery stores as well.

    I want my olive oil, you little gift hoarder! 🙂 xxoo. Mom

  2. loving my morning cup of Island Coconut! boy did I miss that stuff!  Thanks so much , honey


  3. Target lady. Yes. I miss her! I also enjoy a good NZ sauvignon blanc (my favorite is Kim Crawford because I’m very predictable) – the Cupcake is a great one!

  4. Glad you’re enjoying Gatsby; it’s definitely my favorite book! I loved the movie, too, although I know a lot of people didn’t… whatever! haha

    Oh, and I totally feel you on the dog hair thing… it’s all over everything in my life, too.

  5. Cupcake Sauv Blanc – I’m with ya sister – those wines are g-o-o-d for the price!! And those TJs olive oils, I just can’t get enough of the basil as an easy salad topper w/ some white balsamic… so much amazing flavor!!

  6. AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH ! Don’t read the books Game of Thrones if you love being surprised. It’s going to have a “kick-ass” season finale if they hold true to the time lines in the book. I’m ahead by almost a half a season – 1/2 way through book 3 of the 5 – and it’s going to be EPIC!! I’m in LOVE with that show. Only a few deviations from the books so far, just a few major points they’ve kicked around a bit, but there is a site you can go to to recap the show against the book. It’s AWESOME. It also allows you to block out the parts that would be a spoiler… BTW -don’t know if you watch Big Bang Theory – but I love it even more since they got a sword and shield hanging on the wall that says, “Winter is Coming”. Glad to know someone else is on the band wagon!!

  7. Old people and their candy. That is so a thing. You make me so happy.
    Loved this. I really need to get onto the GOT bandwagon. I always feel so left out.
    Love Imagine Dragons as well. Of course. Because you get me.

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