New Beauty Box by Target


Allow me to propose a simple math equation:

Beauty products + Target + Home delivery – $5 = my happy place.

That is the exact calculation that went through my head when I caught wind of Target’s first-ever “Beauty Box” when I saw it pop up on my Facebook feed. (This one is unfortunately sold out.)

For $5, I figured why not, and my shopaholicism has never served me better.

target beauty box 1

Hello, friend.

target box 2

So as you can see, there were a few samples, three of which were basically full-sized.  (Or at least a hell of a sample size.)

I’ve already used the razor (Gillette, Venus & Olay), and that alone is worth the $5.  The only down-side is that it has those little “wings” around the blades that are like, made of lathery goodness and moisture, and once that runs out I’ll probably not love it nearly as much.  I guess that’s the whole point behind it though, forcing you to replace your blades like an actual person who cares about really smooth legs and doesn’t keep the same ones on for a year until you realize that you might give yourself Tetanus soon…  Well played, Venus.


Now I’ve used these guys before and actually really liked them. They’re kind of a b to put on, but once applied they stick around forever (no pun intended.)  Although I’m currently going through a pink/nude nail phase, I did slap these puppies on this weekend and the 15 year old punk-rocker in me kind of loves them.  (Bouncing Souls? Argyle? Anyone…?)  They’re a leeeeetle loud for me, but definitely very fun.


I am most excited about this acne cream by LA ROCHE-POSAY (Effaclar Duo).  I’ve heard/seen great things about this stuff before and have been wanting to try it.  My skin has been rather well-behaved lately, but now I’ve surely gone and cursed myself by saying that, so I will let you know how this stuff works once my face inevitably revolts.

I did use the BB Cream by L’Oreal this weekend, and it was ok.  But I’ve never found a BB Cream like the Skin79 one, so I didn’t expect much.  And I haven’t even used the Fekkai Glossing Cream yet, but I’m optimistic about it since I usually love anything that smooths my hair and makes it shiny.

So overall, I’d say I’m a pretty happy camper, especially for $5.  I’m not sure if/when the next one will be coming out, but I hope they keep the price point.  Let me know if you’ve heard anything!

Anyone else snag one of these guys?  If so, did you get the same shtuff?

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  1. This sounds amazing. I had no idea Target did this, but now I will waiting anxiously for the next one. It seems almost like a better deal than Birchbox.

    • It was definitely worth the $5, plus I like that you know you can find everything at Target and not have to special order it online and hope it’s not sold out.

  2. Oh, MY! $5?? Even cheap little me could spring for that. I hope they release another one soon! Also, I am badly in need of a new hair product that does cost a million dollars that will smooth my hair – the humidity in Chicago is no joke.

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