June (& Other Summer) Beauty Favorites


june beauty favorites

So I struggled with this video a lot, because of two reasons:

1. I haven’t really bought anything new in the last month since it’s summer and I tend to wear less makeup anyways.

2. We are trying our damnedest to save for some upcoming trips and vacations that we’ve got planned, and it’s only going so-so.  We have a weakness for weeknight trips to local restaurants when it’s too hot to cook, even on the grill, and we likey our booze.

And just to prove this, I actually filmed this whole thing twice because the first video was pretty much unwatchable. I don’t know if it was the humidity or the lack of excitement for the bigger lack of new fancy products, but I came across slightly bitch-facey.  And everyone who knows me knows that I’m never anything short of delightful 😉

All that aside, I did have quite a few items that I loved for the month of June, and plan to embrace for the rest of the season.  Aaaand here they are:



For LIPS, I’ve been loving the shade Cherish from my usual faves, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.  It’s more of a blue-pink than my all-time fave, Honey, but it’s a great alternative for summer when you want more of a color pop.  And I recently discovered this ‘beaut from the Maybelline Vivids line in BrazenBerry.  It’s shockingly purple in the tube, but once it hits your lips it becomes the most wonderful shade of fuchsia.  I LOVE these Vivids lipsticks- everything from the way the glide on to the lasting power of the color.  Definitely rocking these for the next few months.

For EYES, I’ve been loving this trio from Wet’n’Wild in Walking on Eggshells.

eye shadow

The colors are very neutral, but with some fine shimmer.  As you can see, I’ve been wearing the eyelid color a TON. I’ve said it before, but these W’N’W eye shadows are one of the best buys around.  The quality is amazing and they usually run for just a few bucks.

Speaking of a great buy, I’m obsessed with these little gems lately, too.


These are the Sinful Colors Professional line of NAIL COLOR, and for $2/ea, I can’t find a reason to stop buying them.  My favorite is the hottest pink I’ve ever seen (in 24/7), and even though they go on a little heavy (really only need one coat), I love the color selection.

For FACE and SKIN, I have two noteworthy items:


I started using this Tea Tree Oil a few months ago, and am officially addicted.  I mix mine with a little water in a travel bottle, and swipe it across my face on a cotton pad every night to help kill bacteria and treat trouble spots.  I’ve also started using it for other areas as well, check out the video for more on that.

This True Match LUMI Foundation by L’oreal was hiding in my makeup bag since I tossed it aside a few months back, but recently made a reappearance when I realized my skin had gotten a little too dark for my regular foundations.  It’s a very dewy-light consistency (not as light as the Revlon Naked Foundation), but it has been a great option for my skin since the humidity is trying to kill me. The coverage is light-medium, so keep your concealer handy.

And lastly, for HAIR, these two guys are keeping me from shaving my head:


The L’oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm was a random purchase when I was looking for something to help the ends of my hair calm the hell down, and this Amika Oil Treatment was a gem from my last Birchbox.  One is decidedly less expensive than the other, but let me tell you, this Amika stuff is liquid gold and I don’t care if it makes me physically ill to purchase the full size when the time comes.  It’s magic, y’all.

To find out more about these products and what I think/how I use them, check out this month’s video!


What are some of your recent and summer beauty favorites?  But don’t tell me anything too good because I’m NOT SHOPPING…. (ok, fine you can tell me.)

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  1. If you like that Desert Essence tea tree oil, you should check out their other products. I absolutely love everything I’ve tried (face wash, face pads, shampoo/conditioner).

  2. I have really been trying to save money too. For about a week. And I’m sure it won’t last longer than a week. I suck so bad at it.
    But I don’t have any new beauty finds I can think to rave about so perhaps I’m doing something right?

  3. I love those nail colors! I’m on an Essie kick which is bad bc they are not cheap. Maybe this is more user-error on my end, but how intact did they stay over the few days after using them? I always chip even the fancy polish within a day or two which is REALLY annoying.

    PS – bright lips are SO you. 🙂

  4. Seriously – splurge on Simple Sugars scrubs – I love love love then. Google “simple sugars”‘for website or see my reply from your last post. Amazing and I’m hooked!! Plus the young lady whom invented them is pretty amazing.

  5. I love those nail polish colors!

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