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First thing:

Happy Valentine’s Day, e-lovers! You guys are all the like, the foam to my latte. Wait that sounds kind of gross… but whatever, you know what I mean. I like you. A lot.

So where was I? Oh right! A few things Friday. Let’s do it.

2. (I already did one, it was you guys remember? Geez, you forget so easily.) So obviously it snowed a lot and everyone is super stabby about it, myself included, but what’s really grinding my gears is that my wardrobe is suffering immensely. Forget about any shoes other than Uggs or snow boots. I nearly ruined a pair of suede booties the other day because I thought MAYBE it was safe to wear them, but no, road salt was not having it and they ended up looking a rather ashy shade of grey after 20 minutes. And let’s not even talk about the white lines I have on the back of every single pair of pants and tights I own. You’d think I’d be able to get out of the car unscathed at this point but apparently I never learn. Groan.

3. I alluded to my new favorite kitchen tool earlier this week, but I just want to take a moment to briefly geek out about it.


It’s the spiralizer. Which already sounds awesome and kind of bad ass, right? Basically it just takes your boring old veggies and turns them into fun little spirals of goodness. I’ve made all sorts of “pasta” with it, from sweet potatoes and zucchini to beets and eggplant. Even if I wasn’t paleo, I would still think was the Dean’s peanuts. I’m a huge over-eater when it comes to pasta (and really just carbs in general) so this has been an amazing way for me to cut back while I’m trying to re-health myself. Plus there’s a few great blogs out there with tons of recipes for this guy (this is my fave) and really, who doesn’t love a curly sweet potato fry?

3. I finally caught up with Shameless yesterday and um… WOWZA. That show. If any of you are watching it, you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not, well you should. Just be warned it’s pretty intense. And I will never get over how talented William H. Macy is at playing a degenerate drunk.

4. So I FINALLY read “Gone Girl” (ok, I listened to it, but don’t hate, it helps pass the time while I’m traveling and I get car sick when I read) but anyways, I kind of didn’t like it. *hides behind something* Before you tell me I’m crazy, let me start by saying I figured the whole thing out almost immediately, and the ending? Meh. Not my favorite. I enjoyed the ride of the whole thing, but the ending is so important to me, and I just feel like it could have gone a different/better way. I just started reading (yes, READING) “The Fault in Our Stars” and I can already tell I’m going to love it.

5. You guys… I’m going to California! I know. You don’t even know how excited I am to blow this arctic tundra and get some sunshine on my vampire skin. I will miss Brandon and Mac and I wish they could come with me (it’s for work) but at this point all I can think about is weather over 50. And we’ll be traveling from top to bottom so I’ll get to see a lot of beautiful scenery and cities that I’ve always wanted to visit, but PAH-LEASE share if you’ve got any recommendations for me! We are already planning on the 17 mile drive and obviously I’m trying to make them stop at the Full House house (because duh) but otherwise I’m open to ideas.

Alright my little candy hearts, I hope you all have lovely Valentine’s Days!

valentines day

xoxo Jess

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  1. I love when you pop up in my reader! Make it happen more often, please & thank you 😉 you are missed!

    Also, I have been debating buying a spiralizer (need another kitchen tool like I need another hole in the head) and think this may have sealed the deal. Thanks for being my enabler!

  2. And now I want a spiralizer. Jealous of the Cali trip…. I’m going to Chicago in a few weeks, which should be colder than here. haha. BUT SO MUCH FUN (hi Amy)

  3. I loooooove visiting Cali! I will def be jealous. Happy Valentine’s Day, lady! 😀

  4. Have to agree with you on both the spiralizer AND Gone Girl. (Hides with you behind the large object). I was a HUGE fan of getting a fancy apple salad and zucchini “pasta” out of the spiralizer. I was less than impressed with the book. I normally read a book I love so quickly that I will re-read it the next week to love it again. Not with this one. Took me forever to get to the end and then was still not impressed…Meh.. Maybe the movie will be good??

  5. OK you are NOT alone with Gone Girl. I felt very…”eh.” Super predictable. LOVED Fault in our Stars and it helped me get through an abysmal time…. Are you on goodreads? We seem to have similar taste in books (no surprise there we’re eerily similar).

    • I haven’t but I’ve been thinking about it. I go through phases with reading but I feel like it might make me read more when I go through lulls. Plus it will hopefully save me from disappointment.

  6. Ahhh, I LOVE California! My husband and I were just there in November on vacation. San Francisco is amazing (definitely got my Full House picture!). If you have any time to do the Alcatraz tour, we really enjoyed that too!

  7. Okay, I can’t give you California trip tips unless you’re a little more specific on how much time you might have to see stuff, are you driving along the coast? Etc… 17 mile drive might make you carsick as lovely as it is. I can read in cars and just being in the car for that trip had me feeling icky.

    • We’re not really driving right along the coast but are open to quick, touristy detour stops, if that makes sense? But now I am for sure taking Dramamine before that drive!

  8. The spiralizer sounds amazing! I totally had my parents’ old “tater twister” for a while, but it just didn’t have the “oomph” it needed to get through a sweet potato vs a regular one. Lame.

    Kyle got me an immersion blender for Valentine’s Day and I think it was the best VDay gift I’ve ever received….

  9. Glad you are back!! Your posts make me feel unstabby since I live in Massachusetts and have been extra stabby from all of the freakin snow!

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