California Girl


Oh my dear, sweet California.

I almost don’t have the words to describe how much this state makes my heart swell. And I mean the whoooole state. (We flew into Redding, CA and drove the whole way down to San Diego, stopping in a different town each day for a video shoot. Yes it was a crapton of driving.) From the snow-capped mountain peaks up north to the breathtaking sunsets and amazing Mexican food in the south, CA was like the geographical soul mate I never knew existed until now. So instead of gushing on for 147984903 words about how much I love it, please enjoy a few select photos to recap the beauty that was my week in sunny California.

1 Sundial Bridge 2 Samuel Horne 3 fish tacos 4 Golden Gate Bridge 6 Lone Cyprus Tree

My first of two trips to In-N-Out (Secret menu, animal fries, WHAT?)

7 In-N-Out Burger

All of the La Jolla…

8 LJ 1 8 LJ 2 8 LJ 3 8 LJ 5 8 LJ 6 8 LJ 7 8 LJ 8

So that’s it, folks. If you made it through all those, well then you can appreciate why it was so hard for me to leave. I’m currently plotting to sell everything we own and move our little family out to La Jolla, and maybe just live in a van since that’s about all we could afford out there. A girl can dream.

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  1. Shh, don’t tell people about the secret menu at In-N-Out. We don’t need more transplants. (But you’d be welcome, of course.)

  2. So jealous. I’ve never been to California and really want to get myself out there, it looks so gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely trip!

  3. I’ve never been to Cali… it’s been an idea thrown around, but never acted upon. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

  4. I am dying to head back out to Cali and these pics aren’t helping! Gorgeous!

  5. I was in San Diego last month. Ahhhhh…

  6. I will be there in 9 days!!! Can’t wait 🙂

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