Exciting Pupdate: Meet Ace


Hi internet friends! How we doing?

I know its been a while since my last post, and I’ve already failed at blogging more since I gave my whole “I’m going to get back into it, SWEARSIES!” proclamation a few months ago, but you all know how it goes. Also since I decided I wanted to stick to more of a “lifestyle” platform and not keep pretending like I was cooking interesting new shit all the time, its been a challenge to just SIT and TYPE. I have like 20 posts waiting inside my brain to spill out onto my keyboard, some fun, some more serious, but all waiting to be shared. So hopefully now that I’ll be getting a break from all the traveling I was doing, I can try and put them together. (I know, wahhh, poor me.)

ANYWAYS. The real reason for this exciting post today is that after a year + of whining, pleading and attempted bribing, Brandon finally caved and we got another dog!


Meet Ace!

I know. He is the shit.

The story of how we got him is a little long-winded and a touch Jerry Springer. We actually were told they changed their minds the night before we were supposed to get him (the first time). So we went to Colorado brokenhearted and with me convinced that we would never-ever-ever get another dog. But as a few people predicted, they changed their minds again, and after much debate, we decided to give it another go. Insert huge heart emoji.

About Ace:


He is an Australian shepherd/boxer mix,  is about 9 months old and 100% handsome. He enjoys gnawing on tables, books, picture frames and his brother Mac’s face, as well as long walks so he can pull on the leash until your arms almost fall off. (We are actually considering hiring an in-home trainer to help with some of the tougher behavior issues. He is VERY sweet but has pretty much zero training prior to us adopting him.) So any good/bad experiences or thoughts on that would be welcomed!

Overall he is a great addition to our little “Wolfe pack” and him and Mac are best bros. I will say that this has definitely made me grateful that we haven’t been blessed with a tiny human yet, because sweet baby Jesus, it’s a lot of work having a new pup.

So that’s the news, friends, expect an influx of pics and twitter rants….you’ve been warned.


“I’ll share my home but I’ll never share my sticks.”

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  1. Congrats Jess!! I love him already! So excited to learn he’s part Australian sheppard – they’re awesome dogs, plus, their eyes are like THE COOLEST. Maybe some day we can have a play date with my pup…(I know, that idea is 100% talk and 0% action)

  2. Congrats! So cute!
    We’re going through puppy training, too!
    It’s a good thing puppies are so cute…it’s tough to be mad at them when they lick your face and climb in your lap.

  3. Ace is so handsome! Can’t to see all the trouble he and Mac get into together. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the puppy training. I cannot imagine trying to do that with such a busy schedule! <3

  4. so awesome – congrats on the new addition to your family!!!

  5. ahhh! what a cutie!! yay πŸ™‚

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