A Few Things Friday.



Too much? Sorry. If you can’t tell I’m super excited for the weekend. Why you ask? Because we have NOTHING (count it… zero things) going on this weekend. Why is that so rare anymore? It’s like you pass 25 and all of a sudden there is some kind of event going on every second of your life for the rest of eternity. Not that I’m anti-birthday or wedding or cookout, but momma needs her down time.

Speaking of, the picture above is from our family’s cabin that we just got back from last weekend. I always forget how beautiful it is there until I’m standing back in the rock-bottomed creek, being hugged by trees and mountains. Sure there was a black bear sighting one day and at one point I think I had 47 mosquito bites, but there is nothing quite like a night out on the deck laughing with family and watching the little ones run around like we did 20+ years ago. With wine, of course.


Also, when did rosé become so delicious? I feel like I always stayed away from it because it looks like it came from a box that starts with “F” and ends with “ranzia” and would rot my poor teeth, but turns out the dry ones are pretty awesome. Because you know what I needed, an excuse to drink more wine. (I got this one at Trader Joe’s and 100% forget what kind it was… zero help.)

Also for those who have been asking (mom), Ace is doing really well, and he and Mac are still best buds. They actually have both been sleeping in bed with us and while I think Brandon is ready to move into the guest room, I think it’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Although I will tell you that I found something so vile in our bed the other week that I can only assume one of those fur balls brought in. Ready for this?  A FREAKING SLUG.

I know.

But look at this face…


Yeah, it’s still pretty terrifying.

(PS In case you think I’ve totally forgotten how handsome Mac is, let me assure you he is still my number one guy, he is just terrified of having his picture taken and runs into the next room as soon as I even try.)

Enjoy your weekends, friends!

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  1. Eww that’s creepy for sure!!I Couple weeks ago I saw something on the kitchen floor,went to pick it up and about peed myself!It was a huge(seemed super huge at the time!) Surprise a slug!! Can imagine your surprise! Love reading your blogs!keeps me smiling and laughing

  2. At least now you have a pup that will stand to put his face on the internet. A blogging dogmom needs one ;0)
    Glad they are doing well!!

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