January 14, 2014
by jessica
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Must Go: Husk (Charleston, SC)

As I mentioned in my “oh hey I’m still here please don’t forget about me” post last week, I’ve been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling these last few months. I never thought that would be something I’d … Continue reading


November 6, 2013
by jessica

If I Could Live Anywhere…

At this moment I can say with total certainty that if I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in Portland, Oregon. Now before you tell me the same thing every single other person has told me in … Continue reading


March 27, 2013
by jessica

Weekend Getaway

In our ripe old age of 30 (Brandon now being freshly-turned-31), it has come to my attention that we are failing miserably at being young and adventurous.  Yes, we love nothing more than to stay in our sweats all day, … Continue reading


December 10, 2012
by jessica

Weekend Girls Trip/Random Ramblings

As I mentioned in my last AFTF, I took a little road trip this weekend to the lovely town of Pittsburgh (Steelers fans, aside…) to visit my homegirl Jess.  I was supposed to go that way for a work meeting, … Continue reading


October 29, 2012
by jessica

Lady Dates and Lots of Food

The good news is, if we get rocked by Hurricane Sandster, I am pretty sure I’ve consumed enough food in the last 72 hours to keep me alive for at least a month.   Yes, this weekend I ate all … Continue reading

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