January 6, 2016
by jessica

Mom Life: Our Favorite Things {Months 0-3}

I’ve really tried to take on this whole mom life thing with as much of a minimalist approach as possible. Our house isn’t huge and I always feared that when we had a child our home would be taken over by endless piles of primary-colored plastic and machinery that required more D batteries than one could imagine or afford. I think we’ve done pretty well with registering for/purchasing the “must haves”, and stayed away from purchasing any products that I’ve heard babies can be finicky about. (Although I still long for the Mammaroo and have a feeling Leila would have loved it, oh well.)

So after three months plus with our little snuggle bean, we’ve done a pretty good job finding the things that made our lives easier and helped keep her happy (or at least momentarily paused the colicky crying) without going too overboard. And without further ado… here they are, and in no particular order.

play mat

Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym

This is probably Leila’s absolute favorite, and our most-used item. She’s loved it since about 4 weeks, and it’s so cool to see the ways she interacts with it change every few days. At first she was totally mesmerized by the mirror, and then all of a sudden she was grabbing things and rolling over. I’ll be so sad when she outgrows it, but for now, it’s the greatest. (She has also played on the Fisher Price Kick and Play at a friends’ house and really loves that one, just an FYI.)

Solly Wrap

Oh, baby wearing. What a lifesaver it has been! Between just getting out of the house to go for walks and wrap Leila up to get her to calm or fall asleep, this wrap has been everything. It’s actually one of the few things I splurged on and bought for myself because I just knew I’d love it. There really is something about having your little baby snuggled up like a little bug against your chest, close enough to kiss at all times, that makes your heart happy. There’s about a million options out there for baby wraps, but I can’t recommend this wrap enough if you’re planning on getting one. The material is bamboo so it’s super soft and breathable, which was key for the first few weeks I had her and the temps were still a little toasty. It takes just a few tries to master, but now I could do it in my sleep. (I also get a lot of compliments on it when I actually take her places – they have some really pretty color options. I have the orchid, which I believe is currently sold out. Sad face.)


Leachco Podster

This was actually a gift from my dear friend Jess, and is another most-used item, especially during those first few weeks when all she we did was sleep and eat, and we barely got off the couch. It’s also great for sneaking her down next to me when she falls asleep from nursing or just to give my arms a break in general. We still use it for shorter naps and general playtime, and we especially love it for after she gets a bath. We put it on the counter top with her towel on it and it makes the transition from nice warm water to cold evil air that much smoother for her. Plus it’s pink polka dots, sooo…

Gerber Sleep’N’Play Zipper Jammies

Why don’t all the clothes have zippers?!? Seriously, I don’t understand how anyone decided all those snaps were convenient. And for some reason we just love the sleepers way more than the tops + bottoms combo. They’re just. so. easy. And it keeps her little feet warm without having to deal with the sock nightmare, as in, she is forever kicking them off. All zippers, all the time.


Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

I’ve mentioned it before so I won’t harp on it, but thankfully nursing came pretty easy to both me and Leila. I only had a bit of pain in the very beginning, but when I did, this stuff was amazing. It’s not tacky like the lanolin creams can be, and it’s super duper soothing. I still use it for pumping sometimes, and a little really goes a long way. I’ve really loved all of the EMAB products I’ve tried, but this one is my favorite. I even use it on dry skin patches and any little irritated spots she gets. Great stuff.


Oball Rattle

This is pretty much the only toy that Leila showed any interest in, and it’s been great for helping her develop her grabbing skills and just getting her to interact. It’s small and light enough that she can hold it, and she is enamored with the rattling of this thing. I read about this in a Facebook group and ordered it after hearing like 100 people post about how much their babes loved it. Now I’m one of them.

Fisher Price Bouncer

This was given to us by my friend Emily after her little one grew out of it, and OMG is it amazing. It was pretty much the only place I could put her down for longer than 5 minutes, and early on she would fall asleep in it constantly. She loves the vibrations of it and the little mobile, but the best part about this chair? It’s a magic poop chair. Yes, that’s right. Like clockwork this thing gets her to do her business, and if you have a gassy baby, you know this is worth it’s weight in gold. She does go through phases with it where she won’t like it for a few days, but when she does, it’s wonderful. Also just a note to parents, the little legs on the bottom are the devil, we are forever kicking it with our toes and cursing at it.

Halo Swaddle SleepSacks

These are THE swaddles. (Thanks again, Jess!!) Leila straight busted out of every other swaddle regularly, and these are the only ones that can contain her. We are actually still swaddling her and I’m terrified she’ll never sleep without one of these. I would buy like 4 more for the next one just to be prepared. We’ll probably start transitioning her out of them soon, but for now, she pretty much won’t sleep without it.

Boppy Nursing Pillow & Organic Slipcover

Prepare to call me a hippy a-hole, but let me tell you. My cousin insisted that she get me the organic slipcover for our boppy and warned me that it’s so much softer and more breathable, and it’s 100% true. We use our boppy literally constantly, for nursing, bottle feeding, playing, hanging out, whatever, and for that reason I say it’s totally worth it. I know there are other pillows out there, but this one is the one for us. We have the regular cotton covers for backups, and when I have to use them I’m super pouty about it and can’t wait until the organic one is clean again. #hippyahole

SO. That about sums it up for now, obviously there are many other products that we use, but these are the real standouts. So tell me!! If you’ve got little ones, what were your favorites? Did you use any of these? What do I need for the next three months?!?



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