December 8, 2015
by jessica

Mom Life: Weeks 6-12

TWELVE. WEEKS. (Technically it’s 13 weeks this week, and officially 3 months (cue inconsolable sobbing), but for the purpose of consistency, we’re going with 6-12.)

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So where to start… I guess with the fact that just around 6 weeks was when we finally admitted to ourselves and each other that our sweet little angel had colic. We heard tales of colic in our baby classes, and even looked at each other a few times with a “God help us if that happens” expression while it was explained to us. So when we first saw signs we hoped it was just tiredness, gas, a really horrific “witching hour” that actually lasted from about 2pm – 10pm, or my personal favorite: a growth spurt. I think I was telling people “She’s going through a growth spurt!” like every 3 days. Surely our little perfect baby couldn’t have colic! She would be so smiley and happy and then out of nowhere just burst into these awful crying jags. So we tried everything: gripe water, gas drops, colic drops.. nothing helped. I even cut out diary for a few weeks, but that didn’t make a difference at all. All we could really do was be patient and use the things that did help. I read “The Happiest Baby on the Block” which had some really good tips, and thank god Brandon is so good with her. He’s way more patient than I am when she’s crying. The hardest part was feeling like she was in pain when she would arch her back and work so hard to get her gas out and we would just massage her belly and try to calm her down, pretty much until she went down for the night. We found baths really calm her down and she is finally starting to dig her swing, and the trusty fitness ball is still our go to, as is wearing her. The other hardest part was trying to explain to people that we just wanted to kind of be by ourselves during this time and get through it. The offered help was so appreciated, but it was almost too stressful to think of someone else taking care of her when she was so upset, especially during the last few weeks when it seemed like she only wanted me to hold her. We’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the colicky tunnel, every day she seems to have longer stretches of being super happy and playful, and overall she just seems happier. I could honestly write an entire post on this, but I’ll just say that yes it was hard, but I’m so excited for her to start feeling better.


What she’s doing:
Still sleeping through the night! (I know, we hit the jackpot with that one.) She’s even got a pretty sweet little nap schedule going, which is great. I swear I can get more done in two hours now that I used to do in an entire day. We basically put her to bed when we go to bed and I wake her up the next morning after I pump. Sometimes she will wake up before me, but these past few weeks she’s started to just chill in her crib until I come and get her. I still nurse her to sleep every night, which eventually we will have to address/adjust, but for now it works and so it shall continue.

Breastfeeding is still going great. I had to start pumping now that I’m back at work, which for some reason gave me so much anxiety. But I’m happy to report that is also going really well and I’ve worked out a nice little routine. I kind of let her cluster feed at night, which she’s always done and I think is what helps her sleep all night. Other times when she seems like she wants to nurse for comfort I will just let her, I started listening to a podcast called “The Longest Shortest Time” which helps pass the time, and I found a lot of comfort in hearing about other peoples experiences with newborn life.

Talking so much! She takes after her mom here, for sure, and just loves cooing and repeating back noises to us. When I hear her and Brandon going back and forth, I get the biggest smile and melt into a puddle of happiness. Sometimes she makes these loud excited squeals and it’s the greatest noise I’ve ever heard. She’s even giggling here and there and it’s the stuff heaven is made of, I tell you.

Self-soothing. Around 8 weeks she started sucking on her hand, and I was so happy. She’s been kind of finicky with the whole pacifier thing, but when you have a fussy baby, you need them to be able to calm down and soothe themselves, hence our joy when she found her hand. We still have to keep mittens on her because she’s so scratchy on her poor little face, but she doesn’t seem to mind them and we just replace them a lot.

Growing like a weed. It’s crazy how much babies change every day, and how her little sleepers will fit one day and then look like a scuba suit just a week later. Thankfully we have a ton of clothes from the shower, hand-me-downs and the few items I saw and had to have. I’m still being pretty good about not buying her too much yet since it seems like she only gets a few wears out of something before it’s just too small. But when you see an outfit with pink dogs on it, you buy it.


What I’m Doing:
Giving her a million kisses every day, smelling her head non-stop (especially after baths), staring at her face when she’s sleeping, making noises and faces that only my baby could love, and just absolutely falling more in love with this little person every day. She never ceases to amaze me with all of her new tricks and expressions, and was such a perfect angel for her baptism. All of these  moments and milestones seem so surreal, I have to stop and soak them in. As much as we’ve prayed for her to get through these tough first few weeks, I’m already missing them, if that makes sense. Having her truly is such a tremendous gift and we are so incredibly thankful.

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I’m hoping to get around to posting our favorites for the first three months, so stay tuned for that!


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