July 24, 2015
by jessica

A Few Things Friday


Happy Friday! I have no idea how we got here, this week was a blur. In a good way. Not in like a too-many-vodka-sodas way… which I guess can also be good. (I still miss booze.) Anyways, we’re here! Let the AFTF begin.

1. My whole family was together last week, they flew in so my SIL could attend my shower, but then I got to see my older brother and their kiddos as well. We usually get together for a week each year for a big family vacation, but this year they had to go sans us. (Saving all my vacation time for beh-beh.) We did make it up to our cabin in Montoursville, PA for a quick day trip, and even though the creek was way too high and fast to swim in, we still had an awesome day just hanging outside, talking and spending time together. I think the biggest trip for me is seeing all the little ones running around, while I still grow our little one, and remember that was us. Now we’re the adults. In charge of keeping people alive and not burning the place down. Obviously my parents are there, and the ones who are really in charge, but still. Where has life gone? Does this mean I have to make my own sandwiches?

2. Did you guys get anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? I barely even browsed it this year, but what I DID find was this little number:

skip hop diaper bag


One of the random things we didn’t get at our shower was a diaper bag, and for some reason I was seriously stressing over it. Do we NEED one? How much is too much to spend on one? Will it make me look like a dork? Will I even care that I look like a dork? Why are the cute ones so expensive?!? #jessthoughts

This Skip Hop bag was only $40, and I think it’s just adorable. So thank you, Nordstrom Sale. I may not have scored endless amounts of makeup and another pair of ankle booties that I need like a hole in the head, but you still nailed it. (But for reals, did you guys get anything fun? Let me live through you…)

3. What’s the deal with this “bronde”/”tortoiseshell” hair color trend? Hasn’t this been a thing for years now? Isn’t it just called blonde highlights? That’s not to say I haven’t pinned like 47 versions of it that I’d like atop my own head, but I’m confused by this whole “the newest trend in hair color!” messaging. Also is “ombre” still cool? I’m asking for a friend…

4. Not much to talk about on TV this week, I can’t stand the “Men/Women Tell All” episode of the Bach, so I barely even watched it. My favorite show right now is most definitely the Real Housewives of NY, an oldie but a goody. Still loving that Bethenny is back, even though I think this season may be sponsored by Skinny Girl. Feeling extremely “meh” about True Detective, in fact, we haven’t even watched last week’s episode yet. LOVING Masters of Sex, and so glad that is finally back. I’m also catching up on The Strain so I can watch it with Brandon, but I haven’t made my mind up about it yet. I think at this point, I’m just waiting for the Leftovers and the Affair to return. Just in time for lots of non-sleeping!

5. I’ve started making a few freezer meals (enchiladas, baked ziti, chicken masala, banana bread), but I’m in desperate need of suggestions for more. I hear I should try and stay away from a lot of dairy, but um, cheese. Any suggestions for dinners you guys like to make/freeze ahead? Perhaps I’ll work on some soups this weekend…

That’s all I’ve got this week, friends. Happy weekend to all, and to all a good day. xo

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