September 16, 2015
by jessica

{Meet} Leila Joyce

she’s here!  

Leila (pronounced Layla) Joyce arrived on September 7th (Labor Day, how poetic) at 11:20pm and our hearts filled with a kind love we didn’t even know existed. 

We are loving this time together as a new family and she has been just the most wonderful baby. 

I just wanted to pop in with a quick update and thank you all for your advice, support and well wishes during this amazing journey to parenthood. We are so incredibly blessed.  

For (way too many) pics you can follow along on Instagram and I’ll be back with an update…. Eventually. Until then I’ll be soaking up every kiss, snuggle and precious moment.

Love love love 💟

August 28, 2015
by jessica

A Few Things Friday

Oh hiiii! I’m still here! And it’s Friday, so lesdoit. Totally have reached the point where when I call or text people they think it’s baby time. I actually thought it might happen yesterday, but turns out when you go … Continue reading

nursery with the pups

August 25, 2015
by jessica

39 Weeks: The Home Stretch

How has it been 6 weeks since my last update? I can’t believe how quickly this time has gone.   So this is happening. A child is coming. SOON. (Hopefully soon.) This thought settled in with me around 37 weeks and … Continue reading

mario badescu facial spray

August 5, 2015
by jessica

Random Things I’m Loving

Hi frands, how are things? I’ve been meaning to do a favorites post for the last, um, 6 months, every month, and then I don’t. Also my favorites have been prettayy.. prettayy.. boring, at least to my standards. Not much new … Continue reading


July 24, 2015
by jessica

A Few Things Friday

Happy Friday! I have no idea how we got here, this week was a blur. In a good way. Not in like a too-many-vodka-sodas way… which I guess can also be good. (I still miss booze.) Anyways, we’re here! Let … Continue reading

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