April 17, 2015
by jessica

Being Pregnant: Halfway

Trimester Two. Somehow I’ve made it here. 20 weeks! 140 Days! Lots… of seconds! Ugh, math.

T2: the Best Parts:
There are so many wonderful things about this second trimester so far. And if you follow me on instagram, twitter, or facebook, you know one of them was finding out the gender!

baby girl

Can I tell you that we were SO shocked? In the very very beginning I felt like it was a girl, and then as soon as I started having the most powerful carnivorous cravings of burgers and steaks and all the salt, I just assumed it was a little animal boy.  I had been telling everyone for months that it was going to be a boy, and had pretty much everyone convinced, especially Brandon. And truth be told, I soooort of wanted it to be a girl, but didn’t want to put that out into the universe so people would think I was disappointed if it wasn’t. So laying there, eyes popping out of our heads, waiting for the tech to tell us either way, when she said “baby girl” I literally screamed and started happy sobbing. Brandon was completely surprised. I think he’s coming around to the fact he is destined to be wrapped around her little finger, but is also totally terrified. I however, have already started shopping and swooning over every single baby girl item I can find. I think I might break Pinterest.

The other amazing part is that I’m finally starting to really show, and not just look like I ate an entire pizza for lunch (which has totally happened…). I’m still sort of in the phase where people aren’t totally sure and comfortable saying anything, but I’ve noticed that around 12/13 weeks, I started just touching my belly non-stop. I constantly catch myself doing it, and it’s become a nifty little resting place for my arms and hands. I think that helps to clue people in that I am, in fact, growing a person. 13 weeks was also about the time that I started to feel like a human again, and just as people warned me, like a light switch the nausea just completely vanished.

pizza grille

I’m also starting to feel her move, like all the time, and it’s the most wonderful and weird and lovely thing I’ve ever experienced. Certain foods (cold, sweet, fruit) make her really start to party in there, and it seems like at night when I’m laying on the couch she is competing in a judo competition with my organs. But I love it so much, and I just cannot wait for Brandon to be able to feel it outside my stomach too. I feel like I’m getting to experience all the coolest parts, and I kind of feel bad, but also I wanted to die from nausea and exhaustion the first 13 weeks, so also, it’s totally fair.

I haven’t bought too many maternity items, but I did manage to clean up in the Old Navy maternity clearance section yesterday, only spending like $50 and grabbing some really cute things that will show the little bumpster. Otherwise I’ve gotten a few items from Pea in the Pod (also all clearance) and Target. My favorite things to wear are longer fitted tops with a sweater or blazer over it, or looser-fitted dresses. I have a few clingy-er dresses that I’m saving until she pops out a little more, as I’m still feeling a little like I just look chubby.


People are still being super nice to me, which is amazing, and I actually think we have a pretty strong contender for a name! We are going to keep that a secret though, partially so we have something still just between us, but also because I don’t want anyone saying how they hate that name or went to high school with someone named “X” and they were an asshole.

T2: The Hard/Weird Parts

Not to sound like a braggy jerk, but I really can’t think of anything that’s been too bad. Obviously I’m still missing the occasional adult bev, I haven’t really missed eating any specific off-limits foods, and my energy level has been pretty great. I still go to bed between 8-830, but that just means my DVR stays fuller longer for my relaxing weekends. We’ve been walking the dogs at least every other day, which is great, especially in this amazing spring weather, but I’m finding I get pretty exhausted by the end and have to whine at Brandon to slow down more than I’d like to. The dogs have been doing better, so that’s promising, Ace is still a crazy man, but we’re working with him so we don’t have to worry once the baby’s here. My dreams are still pretty insane and SOOO real, and my cravings have been all over the place. Recently I started having a need to eat at least one bowl of cereal after dinner, and I tore through a box of Trader Joe’s Strawberry Yogurt O’s in record time, and sadly I’m now out and will be until I have the ability to hit a TJ’s again.

T3: Other Random Things I’m Loving

Food-wise I’m still craving the red meats and am so excited it’s grilling season again! I have been drinking gallons of seltzer each day, water just doesn’t really do it for me. Fruit has been a major love, especially these amazing Cara Cara Oranges that I’ve been gobbling up daily. Lunches are the hardest because packing for work is a joke, since I never really know what I’ll be in the mood for and salads leave me hungry approximately 5 minutes after I’m done. I’m really looking forward to working smoothies back into my morning repertoire again, too.

Pregnancy clothing items I’m loving include the Belly Band (Target) and these super long tanks that make my belly feel smoother under everything I wear which unfortunately I can’t find online (similar: also Target). I’ve been pretty exclusively wearing maternity pants at this point, or just leggings, and I was lucky to get a bunch of hand-me-downs. I’m excited for warmer weather so I can start wearing lots and lots of dresses! I wore this one for Easter, and it wasn’t even maternity. Just looked cute :)

easter dress

And yes, it’s also from Target. I really should work out some kind of commission program with them.

I read two books: The Panic Free Pregnancy (as recommended by Jess) and parts of What to Expect. I have 4 apps that I check daily and am obsessed with: theBump, BabyBump, Baby Center and What to Expect. My favorite of the four is probably Baby Center and my favorite part is when I get to watch the weekly videos and see what she’s up to (only theBump and What to Expect have these).

So that’s about it, we going to start putting together some initial nursery stuff here in the next few weeks, we already have a crib (thanks, mom and dad!!) and now that we know we’re having a sweet little baby girl, we can really get started.

Hopefully these aren’t too terribly boring, I’ve been loving reading other people’s pregnancy posts and seeing what they were feeling/loving/thinking around the same time as me, so maybe some knocked up ladies out there will find these helpful too. #selfless

And any mommas/pregnant ladies out there, PLEASE PLEASE share things that I should check out or any helpful hints you have for this point in the pregnancy! Kthanxbye!

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