July 15, 2015
by jessica

33 Weeks and a Baby Shower

The big 3-3. 7 weeks to go!!! Have I mentioned that my mom was a month early with all three of her children? Is that a thing, like if your mom was early, are you early? Lie to me if it’s true.

So this week I’ll just give a quickie update with some random outfits/bump pics, and then I can tell you about my wonderful and amazing day of a baby shower. Cool? Word.

32 weeks

Floral Maxi//Lauren Conrad for Kohls (non-maternity!)

Fun Stuff:

  • She is still moving so much, but it’s totally different than before. The kicks aren’t as frequent, but she is rolling around and I even felt her little foot press against my belly. At first my reaction was “W…T…F?!?” because it was kind of jarring, and then I just melted when I realized I could actually make out a little foot.
  • People are still being so sweet, I actually had a man help me pump my gas the other day, which I thought was so kind. And random moms will literally stop me and say sweet things about how I look beautiful, or just swoon over how magical it is to be pregnant. And they’re probably just being nice because they remember how amazing it is to get a compliment when you look like you’ve swallowed the moon, but I’ll take it.
  • I had a prenatal massage last week and it rocked my face off. Pregnant ladies, TREAT YO SELF. Seriously, it was maybe the best 50 minutes ever.
  • Now that I’ve had my shower, I’m in heavy nesting mode. I was so exhausted when we got home, but I couldn’t help but tear through every bag and box and start putting things in piles and bins. I fear this is going to take over my life in the next few weeks, but I love that it’s finally kicked in.
  • We started our childbirth classes last week, and I’m so glad we signed up for these. Not just because we recognize that we know pretty much nothing about caring for a tiny human, but it’s so nice to be surrounded by other pregnant couples and learn everything we can about the whole terrifying process. Generally I’m not a big “research” person, but I want to know as much as possible to get ready for labor and so far it’s been super helpful.

    preggo outfitsOutfit 1: Blazer: TJ Maxx (old)//Dress: Target//Flats: Target (old)
    Outfit 2: Top:Pea In the Pod (old)//Dress: Old Navy (similar)//Sandals: Madewell (similar)

The Not-As-Fun Stuff:

  • Somewhere around 30 weeks, my body decided it wasn’t going to cooperate as well as it has been. I still really shouldn’t complain, given how great I felt to this point, and I’m still feeling good overall, but I started having some issues with my back, and some sciatic pain. I think it’s just from her kind of shifting downward, but I’ve definitely been feeling it more in my hips and back. I finally broke down and bought a body pillow and I’ve been sitting on a fitness ball a lot, which helps sooo much. I also bought a support belt, which kind of makes me feel like an overweight old man, but it actually is the bomb and helped a LOT. (This one is cheap but very effective.) Walking also helps, so I do that as much as I can. Also being in a pool. That is where it’s at.
  • Sleep continues to be a bit of an issue, but I’m fighting through it as best I can, and taking Unisom here and there to help me stay functional.
  • Breathing normally is a bit of a challenge, I do a lot of sighing to catch my breath, and people take it like I’m annoyed with them, which is funny. But I always have to say “oh, it’s not you, this is just how I breathe now.”

    baby shower

The Shower!

First of all, how freaking cute is that little watermelon baby and that diaper cake? (Brandon’s sister made the beh-beh, and my cousin made the cake, which is literally layers of diapers, blankets, toys, and all kinds of stuff.) I could not get over either one. Adorbs.


So back to my shower… gahhhh. What a truly amazing day. It was so wonderful to be surrounded with friends and family and feel their love and support for this little girl, who I know is going to be loved so much. I was so humbled by people’s generosity and genuine excitement for us, it was hard not to get emotional every five minutes. I did cry once while opening a super special and thoughtful gift from my SIL’s mom, but managed to keep it together the rest of the day. I think knowing that it was for her, and not all about me, made it easy to enjoy the day and not feel overwhelmed or stressed at all. We got so many hand-made and personalized gifts, it was beyond awesome, and little girl clothing is so cute I can hardly handle it. One word: tutus. Enormous amounts of thanks to my mom, my SIL and my best friend for putting this whole day together, and everyone else who contributed to making it such a perfect shower. Love love love.

Oh, have I mentioned my best friend and I are due exactly a month apart? She’s having a boy. The wedding is already being planned.

pregnant bffs

Poppy dress//Old Navy (print out of stock, similar)

The Next Few Weeks…

Basically the plan is just to get the nursery put together as best we can, and just mentally prepare for what’s about to happen. I’ve been reading Baby Wise to help us get ready for sleeping, feeding, and scheduling in general. I think it’s really going to help when I have to go back to work, but at the very least it’s given me somewhere to start. Otherwise, we are just so excited to meet her and see her little face. Hopefully I’ll squeeze one more of these uppdates in before then, but if not, thanks so much for all the feedback and advice along the way, keep it coming!! xxoo


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