June 12, 2015
by jessica

A Few Things Friday

Good lawd, I’m happy Friday is here. Let’s not waste any time.


1.  Remember when I told you about how cute my parents’ little courtyard is? DO YOU SEE?? And I can barely keep a houseplant alive. Where is the justice? Don’t you just want to drink lattes and quote poetry here? That’s totally what we do… all the time…

2. I’m going hit TV a little hard this week, so get ready.

  • First of all, I finished Parenthood and I’m soooo sad it’s over. Such a great show. I’m pretty happy with how they wrapped it up, but it did feel a bit rushed, like I totally think they could have gotten away with another season.
  • Where do I even start with Game of Thrones. (SPOILERS) STANNIS!!! Wtf, bro? And I thought the Ramsey/Sansa thing was upsetting… I will say this season so far has been legit amazing (disturbing, but amazing). Every week tops the week before and I can’t even wait to see what happens on the finale. I’m living for the Daenerys + Tyrian coupling, but the Khaleesi/Drogon scene last week was ev-ah-ree-thing.
  • I broke down and started watching the Bachelorette again this season and I’m so happy about this decision. This chick is not messing around. I mean, she is messing around, like with everyone, but she’s not wasting time “getting to know” these dudes. Also I never get tired of people talking about how “it’s only been a week, but I’m already falling for ______”. Pure gold. The bachelorette herself kind of bugs me, but the previews for whats to come look insanely entertaining so, again, pretty happy about investing my time here.
  • Are you guys going to watch True Detective this season? I loved season 1 SO much, I can’t believe this could possibly live up to it. However, Tim Riggins is reason enough for me to watch anything, so I’ll probably give it a try. Not sure how I feel about the rest of the casting though, so stay tuned. #rigginsforever
  • I had a brief moment of thinking I should try and save OITNB for when my maternity leave starts, but then I remembered that I’ll be like… keeping a human alive, so thoughts of binging on a tv show are pretty crazy. Also who am I kidding. I have no patience.

3. Of course after my super happy “everything is wonderful!” preggo post on Tuesday, I had my first incident with someone commenting on how far along I was, and it was not pretty. Basically she said I looked further along than I am and “she must be a big baby!” … God bless her, she was young and I could tell she felt super awkward afterwards, but it didn’t make me want to body slam her in the middle of the store any less. It totally ruined my entire day (thanks, hormones!) but now I can laugh about it, especially after hearing stories from other friends and family members that it happened to them all the time too. Me and my giant baby are feeling much better now.

4. Quick update on our current mission to spend way less at the grocery store: we’re doing pretty awesome so far. We’ve been working on using up the insane amount of stuff we’ve compiled over the last year in the freezer and pantry, and only spent $120 at the store last week, just for all our usual stuff (veggies, meat, snacks and disposables). Lots of lunch-packing and leftover lovin’ has been going on, so yay us! This weekend I’m going to do a maj meal planning session so we can go into the store/following week totally prepared and keep it going. I’m really hoping to clear out the freezer over the next few weeks though, so I can start making and freezing meals for after la babe arrives.

5. I know everyone is freaking over the new Starbucks frapp flavors, but I just don’t get it. I think I maybe ordered a frappacino once when I was like 15, but overall, they are WAY to sweet for me as a coffee beverage. I don’t even put sugar/sweetener in my coffee, so I really can’t take much. I do enjoy the occasional milkshake, but I prefer my caffeinated bevs strong and rather boring. So I’ll just vicariously live through others to hear how amazing they are. (Are they?) Also now I want a milkshake. Are the peach ones from Chik-fil-a everything I imagine they are? I’ll report back soon.

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